Weekend Away: An Almost-Erotic, Almost-Love Story by Lori Schafer

Friends with benefits might just turn into lovers when they arrange to spend a weekend away together.

Weekend away: an almost-erotic, almost-love story

“And then we were standing, rising up from the water, and as the droplets cascaded down my naked body I imagined myself as a mortal and less awe-inspiring version of Aphrodite, and Jesse as Poseidon, except with, um, only one prong in his trident.”

Cindy's friend Jesse is great - especially when he gets out of her way after the "benefits" part of their evening is over. So when he proposes a weekend excursion at a nearby lake, she's naturally suspicious - isn't that the kind of thing "couples" do? Now she might never be able to get the smell of him off her...

Genre: FICTION / Romance / Contemporary

Secondary Genre: FICTION / Contemporary Women

Language: English

Keywords: humorous erotica, funny erotic short stories, friends with benefits, friends to lovers, sexy short stories, outdoor sex, romantic comedy

Word Count: 4000

Sample text:

“I was thinking maybe we could go away for the weekend,” Jesse said, interrupting my post-coital attempt at slumber. He hadn’t quite gotten the hang of my no-talking-after-sex rule yet. It didn’t really matter, though; I wasn’t listening anyway.

“Um-hmm,” I answered sleepily, touching the tip of my tongue to the roof of my mouth. It tasted like semen. Or maybe it was my tongue that tasted like semen; maybe my mouth just tasted like mouth.

“Really?” he said brightly. “You want to?” I half-tilted my head towards him and he bent down off his elbow to kiss me. His mouth tasted like pussy. His tongue did, too.

“Want to what?” I answered, rolling over onto the side on which I always slept, hoping that would prompt him to get going. I did think it was polite the way he always waited until I was asleep to leave. Of course, he never had to wait very long.

“Go away for the weekend,” he repeated.

I sat straight up, my breasts snapping to attention as they jerked to a halt in front of me. This was not the kind of big bang I’d been expecting when I’d asked him to come over tonight.

“You mean, like, a trip somewhere? I don’t know, Jesse,” I said with trepidation, staring hard at him as if he’d suggested something highly irregular. He had, after all. We were only supposed to be friends with benefits. A weekend away sounded suspiciously like a “couple” kind of deal.

“Come on, Cindy,” he urged, scootching over to me and bundling me up in his arms like a hairy haystack. “Wouldn’t you like to get sweaty someplace else for a change?” he prompted, purposefully pressing his loose limbs into all of my good places.

I looked at him and sighed. I never had been able to resist that man. Even when he didn’t smell like fresh pussy.

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