We Woof You a Deadly Christmas by Laura Quinn

Pawtisserie Mysteries Book 2

What happens when malice and fright start nipping at North Haven's Winter Wooferland?

We woof you a deadly christmas

t’s beginning to look a lot like Woofmas at the Posh Pup Pawtisserie. The snow is glistening and crowds of shoppers are visiting Chicago’s festive North Shore shop. Claire Noble is spreading holiday cheer by baking festive treats and hosting merry dog events. Her jolly pawtner Baron is charming customers and ho-ho-hoping that Santa Paws will soon fill his stocking. Their seasonal goodwill is threatened by the Scrooge next door, a livid lunch lady and an impish pug...and then Christmas turns deadly. What happens when malice and fright are nipping at their winter wooferland?

Even Santa is nearly slayed, proving murder never takes a holiday.

Genre: FICTION / Mystery & Detective / Cozy

Secondary Genre: FICTION / Mystery & Detective / Women Sleuths

Language: English

Keywords: mystery, cozy mystery, dog mystery, chicago mystery

Word Count: 88,732

Sales info:

Recently released, We Woof You a Deadly Christmas debuted at #99 on Amazon's Cozy Culinary Mystery its first week.

Sample text:

Sirens shattered the silent night as red and white lights slashed the black December sky. The firetruck’s searchlight illuminated two women and a large, fluffy dog with curly tail, the sole occupants of the North Haven Mall. They stood outside the Posh Pup Pawtisserie, huddled against the brutal windchill of the notoriously cold Chicago winter.

Despite the lingering smoke emanating from the popular dog bakery, it shimmered in strings of holiday lights and festive decorations. The satellite radio seemed to mock the situation, as Nat King Cole sang about chestnuts roasting on an open fire.

Hunter Taylor, acting vice-captain of the North Haven Fire Department, leapt from the truck and dashed in front of the women. “Are you ok?” he asked, delivering the line more in the manner of a soap star than a civil servant.

Baron puffed up his double-coated fur and wedged himself between his mistress and the man in rubber boots. At fifty-five pounds, the young Eurasier could appear intimidating, though he usually resembled a cuddly teddy bear. Claire Noble was relieved that her smart dog had yet again read her mind. The shop owner pulled down her turtleneck collar to reply, “Yes, we’re fine, Hunter. Just a little mishap with the oven that requires the fire alarm to be reset.”

“It was my fault,” her best friend, Marti Von Brandt admitted. Like Claire, she wore a white apron embroidered with pawprints, though hers was covered in brown splotches. “I’m a walking disaster in the kitchen.”

“It was an accident. I’ve left trays of cookies in the oven and forgotten them plenty of times myself,” Claire said.

“Yes, but you probably noticed before the room filled with black smoke. I’m so embarrassed!” The attorney turned her attention to Hunter, “Do you need to keep those blasted lights flashing?"

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Already translated. Translated by Maria de la O Merino Aguilera
Author review:
This is the second book that Maria has translated for me and I can't recommend her highly enough. She is an exceptionally gifted linguist, who takes the time to understand the nuances of both languages for the most meaningful translations. My cozy mystery series contains many challenges, including specific dog terms, puns and recipes. Maria has done an excellent job in translating all of these, ensuring that my content, context, tone and style are accurately conveyed in Spanish. In both cases, she has not only exceeded my expectations, but she has completed the translations ahead of schedule. Maria responds immediately to my communications and has been very helpful with marketing efforts. I look forward to working with her on my next book!

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