War and Peace by André Cronje

A conceptual fresh look at the cause and cures of war and peace.

War and peace

Art Peace War: Presents over 500 analogies on the beauty of world peace, inner peace, and peace with God amid burned bridges, broken promises and the ashes of war.

Genre: PHILOSOPHY / Religious

Secondary Genre: POLITICAL SCIENCE / General

Language: English

Keywords: World Peace, Inner Peace, Apocalypse, War Art Peace, love and peace, peace art, religion and politics

Word Count: 12.293

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Sample text:

PART 1 ONE *1 - 50*

Peace is a Gift

1. Peace and love flow together. But war split paths.

2. A match can light up a candle, or a cannonball.

3. The battle for peace continues, as the war on peace will never end.

4. For the joy of peace and the end of war, the world sings Hallelujah.

5. Avoid war at all costs and spare no change for peace.

6. The fashion of peace makes war seasonal.

7. Blessed are the peacemakers, for they will be called children of God. Jesus

8. In battle, weapons are an equalizer, and in peace, it serves as a detergent.

9. When war comes with blazing chariots, peace departs with angel’s wings.

10. Peace is fragile, and war is brutal. Be kind.

11. You can't marry war and still, date peace for joy.

12. In war, attack, and when in peace, defend.

13. The explosion of a ticking time bomb scattered to pieces the sand of the hourglass.

14. In a guerrilla war, no animals are harmed, except people.

15. The art of war proves that not all meditation is for peace.

16. When God said you shall not murder, he did not restrict soldiers, police, or men under threat to protect.

17. Peacekeepers are a firewall of defense, against the ongoing battles that war against peace.

18. Patience restrains war, but anger lets go of peace.

19. To live in peace with evil is to war with good.

20. Peace has a beautiful voice, but the sirens of war make a noise, that causes hearts to fail with fear.

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