Virtual Reality by Ajit Singh

Human Computer Interaction

Virtual realityThis book will introduce the history and development of human–computer interaction and Virtual Reality / Augmented Reality /Mixed Reality. It will analyze three most representive technologies, Oculus Rift, Google Glass and HoloLens. Based on these, it will discuss the advantages and disadvantages of those technologies. This book discusses how VR, AR and MR work, and provides reasoning why virtual reality and augmented reality will be the next stage of human-computer interaction and how much possibility there is that VR, AR and MR technologies will be the next stage of HCI. The book contains the following chapters: Chapter 1 introduces the background of the book. Chapter 2 describes the development of Human–Computer Interaction. Chapter 3 introduces Virtual Reality and analyses some of the VR technologies, like Oculus Rift. Chapter 4 introduces Augmented Reality and analyses Google Glass and HoloLens. Chapter 5 is the Mixed Reality Chapter 6 Implementation Augmented Reality In Learning Chapter 7 DIY Creating Augmented Reality With D'FUSION
Genre: COMPUTERS / Virtual Worlds

Language: English

Keywords: VR, AR, Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality

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The computer is the most representative product, as within a few decades, now there are many different types of computers, for example, the huge server located in the room, the personal computer on the table, the laptop on the knees, the smartphone and tablet in our hands, even the wearable device on our wrist or on our head. The relationship between the computer and human has gone through a fundamental change. Human–Computer Interaction (HCI) is a field of study that helps people control the machines more easily, so that computers can be used by a range of users, from the minority specialist to the majority of people around the world. At first, we could only type the command to let the computer work, then after the development of the graphical user interface, with the birth of the mouse, we started to click the icon to work. In the recent years, the technology of touch screen has freed our hand and we can touch the screen to use our device.

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