Vindicated by a Viscount by Cheryl Bolen

Beresford Adventures Book 5

As Georgiana Beresford begins to unravel a sinister plot, it may be too late to save her—and the honorable man who’s offered her marriage.

Vindicated by a viscount

While walking down a London street, Miss Georgiana Beresford nearly has apoplexy when she catches a glimpse of a woman she thought was dead. She whips around—which results in her falling into the muddy street and injuring herself. To her mortification, an exceedingly handsome man whisks her into his arms and insists on carrying her home.


Charles, Viscount Churston, had not been able to remove his eyes from the beautiful woman he was only too happy to assist. He delivers her home and learns she’s a Beresford, the sister of an Eton friend. When he calls to check on her the next day, Charles learns that his misguided act of chivalry has ruined her name. A malicious attack upon her has appeared in that morning’s London Gazette. There’s only one honorable thing to do. He must offer her marriage. Georgiana cannot deny her attraction to the handsome Lord Churston but laments that he’s only offering for her out of his sense of honor.


Once they’re joined together in a loveless marriage, he assists his bride, who’s obsessed with learning the identity of the woman who looks exactly like a one who perished in a fire. The closer they get to finding out who the mysterious woman is, the more peril they face—and the closer the two become . . . in every way.

Genre: FICTION / Romance / Regency

Language: English

Keywords: suspense, mystery, romance, historical, Jane Austen, Georgette Heyer, Julia Quinn, marriage of convenience, sexy, lighthearted

Word Count: 51,000

Sales info:

USA Today bestseller multiple times, New York Times bestseller, Amazon All Star

Sample text:


 VEN THOUGH MISS Georgiana Beresford knew that her sister, Lucy, would have apoplexy, Georgiana was determined to dash over to their cousin Harriett’s house. Without a chaperone. After all, the journey would take less than two minutes. A nasty cold prevented Lucy from chaperoning her younger sister, and Georgiana did not wish to inconvenience her maid by demanding her presence on so short a walk.

That poor servant was being tasked with washing, ironing, and mending Georgiana’s dress that had met with an unfortunate episode the previous evening. It really hadn’t been Georgiana’s fault. Harriett’s cat had a lamentable habit of hiding himself beneath Georgiana’s skirts without her knowledge. Consequently, when Georgiana began to leave her cousin’s chamber, she stumbled over the cat and ended up sitting in a lusty dog’s dinner bowl.

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Tania has translated several of my books into Portuguese, and she has a fantastic work ethic and does good work in a timely fashion. She's also an excellent communicator.

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