Vegan Diet: Amazing Vegan Recipes To Be Healthy (Delicious Vegan Cuisine) by Vesela Berko

Amazing Vegan Recipes To Be Healthy (Delicious Vegan Cuisine)

Vegan diet: amazing vegan recipes to be healthy (delicious vegan cuisine)


The benefits are clear but what of the pitfalls? The biggest thing holding people back from a healthy, environmentally friendly vegetarian diet is knowing where to start. That’s where our book comes in. We can guide you on your journey to becoming a happy, healthy vegetarian.

 it is an essential part of their religion and culture. For example, Hinduism holds vegetarianism as the ideal because of its focus on non-violence. Hindus believe meat-based diets are detrimental to the spiritual development. Others choose veganism or vegetarianism because they were raised as a vegetarian or their partner follows the lifestyle.

Most people choose veganism or vegetarianism for their health and with good reason. Aссоrding to the Amеriсаn Diеtеtiс Aѕѕосiаtiоn of Canada, vegetarianism lowers cholesterol while inсrеаѕing health boosting carbohydrates, whole grains, magnesium, potassium, and vitamin C and E levels. Other studies show vegetarianism reduces obesity and heart diseases.

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Sample text:

What is Veganism?


Veganism is the abstaining of all animal products such that vegans (the people who practice veganism) do not consume animal meat, fish, poultry etc. In addition, they abstain from all sorts of animal products like eggs, dairy products, even honey and in some cases all kinds of products manufactured from animals for example bags, shoes, clothes, make up etc.

What is the difference between vegetarians and vegans?

Vegetarians abstain from animal meat including that of poultry, seafood etc. However they do not abstain from any animal products.

Vegans abstain from animal meat of all sorts as well as eggs, dairy products and other products manufactured from animals.

What are the different types of veganism?

Health veganism

Environmental veganism
Ethical veganism

Health veganism:

Due to certain health benefits associated with the vegan diet, some people exclude meat and animal products from their diets to minimize the harmful effects that it imposes on their bodies. The health benefits will be discussed in detail in the proceeding chapters.

Environmental veganism:

This class of people focuses on conserving the environment and hence do not favor any practices that can cause a threat to the environment such as hunting, fishing etc. It also focuses on the fact that farming of animals limits the land resources and hence it should not be favored.

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