Vegan Diet: Amazing Vegan Dessert Recipes by Beran Kuma

Amazing Vegan Dessert Recipes

Vegan diet: amazing vegan dessert recipes


If you want to lower your cholesterol, prevent heart disease and lose weight, eating the right food is the best medicine. Eating healthfully is a challenge for those with fast-paced lives; many studies have shown that vegans seem to have a lower risk of heart attack, obesity, high blood pressure, diabetes mellitus, and some forms of cancer. Lots of people have cut out dairy, meat and oils and seen remarkable results. 

Good thing there is a proven way to eliminate all those extra pounds you have been dying to get rid of for a while now. This effective method is called the vegan diet, and it will definitely change you, your body and your lifestyle.
This book, “Vegan Cookbook:  Diet for Weight Watchers and Inner Glow” will teach you all you need to learn about the vegan and sometimes Paleolithic diet that will help you achieve the weight you have always dreamed about.
It contains tricks and tips that will help you in successfully implementing an effective 14-day vegan diet program that will let you lose weight. It also has delicious and easy to follow recipes that will not only help you reach your weight loss goal, but also satisfy every craving you might have. If you try the recipes in this book, then your diet will certainly not consist of bland food. This vegan diet will not cost the satisfaction of your palette just so you could lose weight.

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Sample text:

Almost two-thirds of the bodily iron is in the hemoglobin. So, eat heartily iron-rich foods, as they bear life-giving oxygen to your blood cells. To increase iron absorption at a meal, also take Vitamin C-rich foods. Thus, for optimal health benefits, consume foods that abundantly contain both nutrients.

Iron sources: Dried beans, black-eyed peas, chickpeas, dried fruits, lentils, baked potatoes, bulgur, cashews, chard, molasses, nuts, nutritional yeast, spinach, sunflower seeds, tofu, tempeh, grains (like quinoa and millet) and iron-fortified foods (like veggie "meats," instant oatmeal, cereals).

For heightening your iron absorption with vitamin C, rich sources include tomatoes, citrus juices or fruits, and dark-green, leafy vegetables, like broccoli. Also adding to your iron intake is using iron cookware.


Vital Vitamins (Vitamin B12 and Vitamin D)

Vitamin B12

To have sufficient amounts of vitamin B12, principal health experts urge everyone of taking supplements or multivitamins. The normal recommended vitamin B12 intake for adults is very low; however, this is an important nutrient.

Vitamin B12 sources: Fortified foods, like nutritional yeast, some cereal brands, soymilk, or veggie "meats," are desirable non-animal, vitamin B12 supplement sources.


Vitamin D

One of the best sources of vitamin D is sunshine. During the warmer months, your skin should create enough vitamin D dosage your body needs when exposing yourself without sunscreen for about 15 to 20 minutes daily under the midday sun.

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