Vegan Diet: 20+ Vegan Recipes To Get Slim by Clara Armero

20+ Vegan Recipes To Get Slim

Vegan diet: 20+ vegan recipes to get slim


The Vegan Diet has the added benefit of helping your body cope if it is disagreeing with some or most of the animal food products that you are consuming. If this is the case, doing away with most or all of the animal food products and sticking to the healthy option means that the vegan diet is right for you.

You’re about to discover how to become Vegan and stick to being Vegan with the foolproof techniques within. You'll learn exactly how being Vegan will help you slim down fast, how being Vegan will improve the way you look and a whole bunch of healthy, tasty recipes that will make your taste-buds thank you. You will learn, in detail just how going Vegan will benefit your health. You will learn how being Vegan can make you more mindful and present 

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It is common for people to think vegans forego meat because they want to save the animals. While this is true in many cases, there are other prevalent reasons that cause many to make the switch.


1. Personal Health

Giving up animal products has been closely linked with lower rates of obesity, diabetes and cardiovascular disease. Avoiding red meat in particular will reduce your intake of carcinogens and your risk of cancer. Commercially grown and processed meat contains antibiotics, which are routinely used to keep animals healthy enough for consumption, and non-human hormones that increase the animal’s growth rate and/or milk production for increased profits. 80% of the antibiotics sold in the United States are used on animals for consumption, and six steroidal hormones approved by the FDA are administered regularly. On top of that, the broad use of pesticides in the animals’ feed adds yet another form of hormonal disruptors and neurotoxins found in commercial meats.[1]


“OK”, you say, “I’ll eat all organic, grass fed, free-range meat”! While you will certainly be reducing the amount of synthetic and toxic chemicals in your diet, you will still be left with high levels of saturated fat, increased risk of hardened arteries and greater chances of obesity and type II diabetes.


Meat and dairy take a long time to digest and during this process our bodies must produce chemicals to help break it down; and this process creates waste our bodies must then work hard to eliminate. Raw fruits and vegetables are easy and quick to digest so that instead of the bulk of our usable energy going towards digesting food we are not designed to eat, our bodies can work on other jobs, like healing. A diet high in raw, healthy foods will net you more energy to do the things you want to do.

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