Vanished by Lorhainne Eckhart

She thought her nightmare was over.


'A 2016 Readers Favorite Award Winner in Suspense'

She thought her nightmare was over

— “I'm an advocate for women in sexual assault, abuse and domestic violence, and I have to give this author two thumbs up for how she writes her stories.” – Amazon Reviewer- Jamie

—“Lorhainne Eckhart is a very prolific and talented writer. Get to know her work, you won't regret it.” – Amazon Reviewer – Karen

— “Loved this book...Five stars don’t come from me easily. Tugged at my heart!”—Kivey

— “The focus on a woman taken was a very classic ideal because it was set in a military arena. YOU have to read these books, but make sure that you have a box of tissues because you will need them.” – Faybe

In VANISHED, Abby has married the man of her dreams. He rescued her, and he’s the father of her child. Everything should be perfect, but she begins to relive her nightmare from when she was taken… and one night she disappears, leaving her children alone in the dead of night, her husband on a military ship halfway around the world. But when Eric arrives home and the search begins, there are two disturbing questions: Was someone in the house? And how is it possible for Abby to simply vanish? 

Genre: FICTION / Romance / Suspense

Secondary Genre: FICTION / Mystery & Detective / Hard-Boiled

Language: English

Keywords: military suspense, police procedural, women sleuths, us navy, ptsd

Word Count: 39,132

Sales info:

Vanished is a '2016 Readers' Favorite Award Winner in Suspense'  Since publication in 2013 has spent many weeks in top 100 and top for military romance, mystery/thriller/suspense - hard-boiled.  Vanished is available at all online retailers, and available in audio and print

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Sample text:

Abby stared at the bottle of orange pills the doctor had prescribed. She could hear Mary-Margaret saying something to Rachel in the kitchen, the clatter of dishes. Noises carried in this small house, through the paper-thin walls. She stared in the mirror at the image staring back at her: pale skin, glossy blue eyes etched with lines. She had felt off from taking the pills the doctor had given her, but it had been no worse than the deep feeling of despair she couldn’t shake.

She loathed herself. She wished for some good feeling to return, something to love. She said it over and over in her head—I love my children, I love my husband—but she couldn’t love herself, and she didn’t want some pill, some chemical, adding to her confusion, so she lifted the toilet lid and dropped the next pill in, flushing it away. She told herself she was feeling better. She slept, not well, but she couldn’t remember the last time she’d slept soundly. She’d get through today. She just needed some peace and quiet, and she needed to be free of the guard dog in her kitchen now.

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