Vampire Descendants 13: A Prince of Lie by Pet Torres

Romance with vampires

Vampire descendants 13: a prince of lie

Not always Love keeps control over the bridles of the heart.


Princess Valkyrie gets sudden news from her father. After he reveals to her about a secret treaty that he had done centuries of

years ago with a vampire prince.  Since then, that pact involves his unique daughter Valkyrie.

So don’t mislay one more event of this series that is making you submerge into a universe where all the protagonists are really

attractive sweet vampires.


Genre: FICTION / Fantasy / Paranormal

Secondary Genre: FICTION / General

Language: English

Keywords: vampires, vampire romance, romance with vampires, romance for teens, novel for young adults, vampire saga, vampire series, fantasy, dark fantasy, paranormal romance, saga, vampire

Word Count: 28.848

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Nº 6,959 em Romance para Adolescentes: Fantasia
Nº 7,052 em eBooks sobre Romance Paranormal e Fantasia para Jovens e Adolescentes
Nº 8,511 em eBooks sobre Feitiçaria Fantástica para Adolescentes e Jovens Adultos

Sample text:

“Daughter, we need to have a serious conversation.”

My father declared after he had conducted me to his office in the castle.

He had closed the door behind us and I had sat in a chair before his table. My father ended up sitting in a chair facing his table as


There were some papers, a pen, and chandeliers.

“Father, what face is this?” asked him after seeing his concerned face toward me. “What happened?” my voice insisted again.

“Not happened yet, dear.” His fingers touched mine for some seconds. His gray supernatural eyes met mine with deep

apprehension. “But soon it will happen.”

I started to get more nervous and scared by his words. Since I knew my father very well and recognized he was very serious and

maybe he preferred not to have that converse with me. But something or someone forced him to do it soon in the morning.

“Please father, tell me soon what is happening because you are making me nervous every second and I am incapable to smile in

this beautiful morning.”

Now his two hands were reposed on mine on the marble table.

He continued confessing with his chest full of discomfort.

“Valkyrie, I cannot keep it with me anymore.”

“To keep with you what, father?” my eyes distended at his image.

His head went down for some moments.

“My daughter, I am much sorry to inform you this, but you cannot run away from it.” “Please father, be clearer.” My tone ordered back.

“Valkyrie, you must marry a prince to try to salve Neptune.”

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