Unlimited Memory: Moonwalking with Einstein Steps to Photographic Memory by Smart Reads

Unlimited Memory is a book designed to help encourage you as well as assist you in creating a longer lasting memory.

Unlimited memory: moonwalking with einstein steps to photographic memory

Do you find yourself grasping to recall various moments? Maybe you can't remember a particular name of a person, even if you just met? Maybe you find yourself forgetting crucial dates when you know you should remember them?

Memory can be a tricky thing. But what if I tell you, there is a way for you to remember dates, numbers and other crucial information just by following simple steps and formulas?

Unlimited Memory is a book designed to help encourage you as well as assist you in creating a longer lasting memory. It is filled with insights into how memory works and what you can do to remember all the information you need.

Within its pages you'll find step-by-step guides as well as encouragement in your journey towards gaining a better memory.

Genre: EDUCATION / General

Secondary Genre: SELF-HELP / General

Language: English

Keywords: remember anything, unlimited memory, moonwalking with einstein, total recal, Photographic Memory

Word Count: 10,000

Sales info:

#15,603 in Kindle BR Paid. One of our best selling books. Unlimited Memory has high competition in the US market but will thrive in other languages.

Sample text:

What would your life be like if you could learn and remember information easily, quickly, and effectively? Think about it.

In this short, easy-to-read book I will provide you with a set of powerful memory-enhancing mindsets and skills, which will allow you to take control of your learning and your life. You will discover many amazing methods, both ancient and new, that have been modeled from the world’s best minds in the areas of accelerated learning and memory development. This book will give you information that school forgot to teach you. The approach is all about running your own brain; I believe that this can only be possible with the foundation of memory.

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Already translated. Translated by Anna Spertini
Already translated. Translated by Patrícia Pinto
Already translated. Translated by Paola Cuenca

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