Two Much for You by Sky Corgan

Menage romance short story by USA Today best selling author Sky Corgan

Two much for you

Two weeks ago, two of the dreamiest men I've ever seen moved in across the street. Ever since then, I've been obnoxiously aware of every little noise I hear coming from next door. Every sound is a chance that they might be outside working on one of their cars in their driveway or mowing the lawn shirtless. Yummy.

Looking is all I can do though. They're both way out of my league. One a gorgeous blond with a swimmer's build. The other a ruggedly handsome brunette with the most delicious five o'clock shadow. And then there's me, average at best.

Never in a million years did I think they would show up on my front doorstep. And what they want is far from conventional.

This is a standalone ménage short story that was previously published in the Red Hot Sizzle box set.

Genre: FICTION / Romance / Short Stories

Secondary Genre: FICTION / Romance / Contemporary

Language: English

Keywords: ménage romance, love triangle romance, military romance, ménage romance short story, love triangle romance short story, military romance short story, boy next door romance

Word Count: 14557

Sample text:

Is it wrong to spy on your next door neighbor with binoculars? And by spy, I mean peek through the blinds of your second story window with your tongue lolling out while you watch loads of shirtless hot muscle suds-downed and scrubbing a Camaro in the summer heat. Soap tastes like shit, but I'd love to lick the glistening wetness off of every inch of my new neighbors' torso.

Both of them.

What bros. I smirk to myself as neighbor number two comes out of the house like he's getting ready to step onto the photo shoot of a fireman calendar. Ripped faded jeans. Perfectly styled blonde hair. And what do you know. No shirt.

My face hurts from all the grinning as I eye him lecherously, thinking about what I could do to that body.

They're a perfect pair. One brunette, one blond. One broad and chiseled, the other lean and cut. Both of them could be models. Hell, they might be for all I know. They both drive nice cars. Both have looks that kill. Both have filled my fantasies at night ever since they moved in two weeks ago.

I wet my lips with my tongue as I watch Mr. Blond grab a sponge from the soap bucket to help his buddy out. They have to be gay, I realize with a slight frown. They're too beautiful, and I've never seen two guys wash a car together like this before.

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