Transparency - a Beauty and the Beast story by Sonya Writes

A retelling of Beauty and the Beast with a few twists

Transparency - a beauty and the beast story

Adah sees people for who they are inside whenever she touches a rose. So when the royal prince appears as a hideous beast to her, she knows she must prevent her best friend from falling in love with him for his outward charm.

Genre: FICTION / Fairy Tales, Folk Tales, Legends & Mythology

Language: English


Word Count: 23,000

Sample text:

“I guess today's the day Prince Nathaniel leaves for the boarding school,” Danya said.

“Must be.” She reached up to touch the rose that was in her hair. The way her mother braided it, no part of the rose touched her skin. That way she could choose when to really see people, and the rest of the time they appeared to her as they did to everyone else. As the carriage came closer, she wondered if she'd be able to catch a glance of the young prince. She knew his name and quite a bit about him, but she'd never actually seen him before.

The carriage rolled by, and Prince Nathaniel had his head out the window to wave at everyone. He wasn't smiling, though. Despite the sad look on his face, when Adah touched the rose in her hair, his appearance was amazing. She'd never seen anyone like him.

Book translation status:

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Translation in progress. Translated by Louise-Marie Six
Already translated.
Already translated. Translated by Marta Susana Novoa
Author review:
Marta is a pleasure to work with and I appreciate her translation.

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