Time Traveler - Book 2 - The Impact: Books for Girls aged 9-12 by Katrina Kahler

Holly's discovery of a strange box in her attic has led to unexpected consequences.

Time traveler - book 2 - the impact: books for girls aged 9-12

Time Traveler - Book 2 - The Impact...
Holly's discovery of a strange box in her attic has led to unexpected consequences. With her brother's help, she has managed to travel back in time, but this reckless decision may have irreversible effects that the group of kids is unable to change. 

Holly, her brother and her best friend, Kate soon discover that time travel is not an easy undertaking and that crucial rules need to be enforced if they are to remain safe. But with the onset of another new discovery, they find that their world becomes crazier than ever. 

How does Holly deal with the mean girl at school and will she ever really become friends with Zac Fredericks? Will Holly and her brother finally learn what has happened to their dad and whether their grandpa was involved in his disappearance?

This story is filled with suspenseful twists and turns that will keep you guessing and wanting to read more. It is an exciting book for girls and for any young readers who enjoy stories filled with suspense and mystery; a wonderful story that will have you guessing until the very end!


Language: English

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Word Count: 24669

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Sample text:

I stared at my hand, disappearing before my eyes. My past-self had her mouth open in silent horror. I was ready to join her when a hand closed around my shoulder and dragged me towards the open basement door, taking the calibrator from my hand as we went.“What are you doing?” I asked Oliver as he and Kate guided me to the basement. I was still fading away and Kate bounced on her feet as she panicked. Oliver frantically tinkered with the device, not answering my question.“Oliver!”  His hands shook as he fiddled with the device and the calibrator. “You’re not supposed to see yourself! We have to get out of here. NOW!” He mumbled under his breath and his fingers moved faster, trying to get the machine going again. Another finger vanished before my eyes. “Oliver, what happens if we can’t go back?” I asked, my voice shaking with fear. “Oliver!” “You disappear,” he yelped. I froze at his words. “You disappear forever.” I gulped as my pinkie vanished next. “Please hurry,” I begged. He turned his attention back to the box and a few seconds later it hummed to life, the familiar blue light emanating from it. He twisted the dials and turned the knobs, calling for me and Kate to hurry over to him. Upstairs, I heard my own scream and the front door open. The other me was screaming for Mom and Oliver. I could hear the sounds clearly. But at the same time, the basement had begun vibrating and shaking as it had before when we vanished into the past. The light crackled up Oliver’s arms and the same giddy feeling hit me again. Except this time, I could not bring myself to laugh. Not when my entire hand that I tried to place on Oliver’s arm was gone. I held Kate’s hand tightly with my other hand, which so far was still intact. All around us, random items and objects of different shapes and sizes floated and hovered in the air. 

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