Thin Ice Big Lake by Neel Wain

A Columbian engineer causes a dam to collapse and reminisces about it.

Thin ice   big lake

A Colombian engineer becomes wealthy through building dams that he knows will collapse. He has millions of dollars and yet his family has been killed by the persuing flood. He seeks redemption and lives with a mistress on an estate and drinks coconut wine and dreams of wild sexual adventures. 

Genre: FICTION / General

Language: English

Keywords: environment, dam, love, sex, relationships, greed, death, life, coconut wine, tropical jungle, iguanas, torture in a dungeon, redemption, bob marley

Word Count: 50,000

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A Novel by Neel Wain


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Location of Author: Thailand     Year: 3015




A series of explosions boomed throughout the valley. A wall of water descended, deluged and ravished. Great boulders tore clefts through homes.  A hairline crack in a cubic yard of cement initiated a flood and destroyed a village and killed the engineer’s wife and his five children and his dog and a lot of chickens, sparing only his mistress, who was living on the property in a shanty.





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Already translated. Translated by Anne-Sophie Orliac
Already translated. Translated by Luisa Maria Reyes Cortés

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