The Wizard's War (The Guardian Series Book 5) by Rain Oxford

Epic fantasy packed with wizards, dragons, and danger!

The wizard's war (the guardian series book 5)

The war has begun between the demons and mortals. Dylan and his family have to uncover the demons’ plans in time to prevent their allies from being destroyed. When magic fails them, they must decide what is most important.

Having always been known as “the son of Dylan,” Ron is ready to prove himself to whoever will listen. When Ron is separated from his brother, he will have to face the balance alone, and he may not like what he finds in himself. In order to win this time, Ron will have to discover what it is to lose.

When the truth finally comes to light, Dylan’s family may not be able to handle it. Ron and Hail face a path that they cannot accept, Dylan will have to face an enemy that will make him doubt his own purpose, and this time, magic will not be enough to win the war.

Genre: FICTION / Fantasy / Epic

Language: English


Word Count: 117000

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Already translated. Translated by Alexander Powell

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