The Wedding by Lorhainne Eckhart

A man who's always planned everything, and a woman who's struggled alone—The Wedding will change their lives forever.

The wedding

—“I love the alpha males and their ever strong headed wives. They love hard and strong but forever. Don't miss out on how Neil and Candy finally get their happily ever after.” – Reviewer, Janet

—“Loved the deep family bond she gave all the characters even when the plots took them to fighting they stuck together. Something we don't find often today.” – Reviewer, Pebbles

—“Read the book-bittersweet but sometimes love has to go through fire to temper it and make it stronger.” – Reviewer, AVTanner

—“It has heartbreak like you wouldn't believe but most importantly, love that will have you reading it over and over. I got this one the day after I first read Neil and Candy’s story. It really is a beautiful book.” – Reviewer, Ramona

A man who's always planned everything, and a woman who's struggled alone—The Wedding will change their lives forever.

In THE WEDDING, Candy McCrae has everything she could ever want, and she's about to marry the one man she's always loved. He has money, he's powerful, he's drop-dead gorgeous, and he has a very close, attentive family with babies, nieces, and nephews running everywhere. For the first time, Candy has someone making decisions for her. So why is she so nervous?

Candy is the one woman Neil has always wanted, a woman who doesn't care about flash and glitter and status, and he can't get her to the altar fast enough. He has plans for his bride-to-be. He wants a family, lots of children, and for her to be a part of his world, with all its money, power, and million-dollar deals. He'll look after her so she'll never have to struggle again, and he's planned and organized everything.

She goes along with it until the wedding, when she takes Neil's hand to be his wife, and what she's refused to share will change their lives forever.

Genre: FICTION / Romance / Contemporary

Secondary Genre: FICTION / Sagas

Language: English

Keywords: possessive alpha male, small town and rural, wedding, big family romance, sisters, alpha male brothers, western romance, westerns, baby, parent and child

Word Count: 46000

Sales info:

This book is part of a big family romance series that has spent over a year  in the the top 100 for Western Romance and Romance Series on Amazon hitting the #1 spot in western romance on release and remaining in the top 100 category of romance series. 

Currently book 6 of a big family romance series that now spans three series. This series has sold over 750,000 and is my most requested series. 

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Sample text:

Candy glanced up at the window behind the bed and listened to the familiar voice of Maria, Neil’s housekeeper, and two voices she’d never heard before. When Maria said, “How was your flight back, Señor Friessen, Señora?” Candy couldn’t make out anything else, because she went into a full-blown panic. Neil’s parents were here—now! A knot tightened in her stomach, a building anxiety, as she worried about what they would think of her. After all, she had nothing, and she wasn’t sophisticated or worldly. Maybe they’d hate her, look down on her. She’d never said one word to Neil about her worries, because she knew he wouldn’t have taken them seriously, but she couldn’t help it. She stopped herself from waking Neil. Avoidance was sometimes a good thing. She decided she’d just hide out there and avoid them for as long as possible.

A loud, squeaky, braying and a crash as if something had shattered outside made Candy’s blood turn to ice, and she shut her eyes. “Oh no, Ambrose,” she muttered. Neil stirred, blinking just as a shout sounded below:

“What the hell is a donkey doing in my garden?”

The worst thing possible had just happened, and Candy widened her eyes in horror. She’d accomplished the one thing she had never wanted to do—start out on the wrong foot with Neil’s mother.

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