The Watcher: A Jack the Ripper Story by A L Butcher

1888 - in the heart of London. That heart is bleeding. A Jack the Ripper Fiction

The watcher: a jack the ripper story

The year is 1888, and the place is Whitechapel, in the very heart of London. But the heart is bleeding. A mysterious killer is stalking women of the streets - his true name is unknown, but his legend will go down in history. This is a short tale of Jack the Ripper.

18 rated for scenes of violence.

Please note - this is a short story.

Genre: FICTION / Horror

Secondary Genre: FICTION / Fantasy / Short Stories

Language: English

Keywords: Jack the Ripper, Historical Crime, Crime Fiction, Short Stories, Horror

Word Count: 3557

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Please note this is a short story

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Women of the lowest class plied their pitiful trade beneath the spluttering gas lamps, among the filth, the crime and the poverty. Some argued they embodied all three. The Great Social Evil – the plague of vice had been called, and Oscar Wilde wrote of the ‘mechanical grotesques’ ‘ghosts’ and ‘skeletons’ and for many of these poor souls, this was their fate. The ‘unfortunates’ sold their bodies for the cost of a bed for the night, barely a couple of pennies, or a glass of Geneva liquor, scourge of the poor. Solace came at a price.

This was the London of Her Majesty Queen Victoria in the declining years of the Nineteenth Century and it was dark and deadly for the poor, although the Empire spanned a quarter of the world. It was held to be the greatest Empire, the most advanced, but history can shield many lies. This was the age of steam-travel, science and ever-growing knowledge. The superstitions of the past were waning. Widowed, ever-mourning, upright and moral, Victoria ruled this realm and many others as far-flung as India. This was a time of literature and of discovery, of social unrest and discontent. Behind the façade, a pernicious creature lurked. And this creature wanted blood.

In the autumn of 1888, things were about to get worse…much, much worse. A legend would stalk the streets, taking lives and gaining a kind of immortality. Death would come early to five women, perhaps more, and brutality would rule.



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