The Virgin's Christmas - Buying the Virgin Part Seven by Simone Leigh

A BDSM Ménage Erotic Romance

Christmas with Her Two Masters

The virgin's christmas - buying the virgin part seven

Christmas with Her Two Masters

Charlotte is looking forward to a Christmas break with her two Masters.

But when there is a turn in the weather, will she be able to enjoy it?

A BDSM Menage Erotic Romance

Genre: FICTION / Erotica / BDSM

Secondary Genre: FICTION / Romance / Erotica

Language: English

Keywords: bdsm, erotic romance, menage, threesome, two masters, christmas

Word Count: 3120

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Part 7 od a long-running series

Sample text:


The car pulls up at the station, a station-wagon, my Master smiling from the driver’s seat and Michael waving enthusiastically.

I have not been waiting long, but it seems like ages. I have been looking forward to this Christmas meeting. It is after all our first Christmas together, and although I can only fit in a single night, between visiting other family and friends, I want it to be special for all of us.

Without a clue, as to what to buy either of them as a present, I have decided to make myself the gift and have dressed with this in mind.

Having red hair, it is not easy to wear red in my clothes, so I am wearing a bright green skirt and top, set off with red accessories; bracelets, belt and shoes. A matching green cape trimmed with fur leaves me feeling particularly Christmassy. I do not have to be modest. I know that I looking striking as I stand, waiting, outside the station.

My Master steps out of the car and Michael almost bounces out, sweeping me into his arms and giving me a long, enthusiastic kiss before remembering himself and stepping back to allow my Master to greet me.

My Master is more circumspect, lifting my hand to kiss the fingers. “Charlotte. It’s lovely to see you. Michael has talked about nothing else since your phone call last week.”

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