The Ultimate Guide to Cooking Desserts the Indian Way by Prasenjeet Kumar, Sonali Kumar

70 Jiffy Ways to Prepare Desserts the Indian Way

The ultimate guide to cooking desserts the indian way

70 JIFFY Ways to Prepare Delicious Desserts from Everything—Rice, Wheat, Paneer, Khoya,  Yoghurt, and Hold Your Breath, Lentils and Veggies! As Only Indians Can.

From the author of  # 1 Best seller “Cooking In A Jiffy” series of cookbooks, comes a mind-boggling tribute to sweets, puddings and desserts, the way Indians cook them in their homes even today.

There are eight great Indian desserts that use rice, twelve outstanding ways to turn wheat in to delicious puddings, six protein-filled desserts that use lentils, seven puddings Indians love to make from veggies, a dozen outstanding classics that use Paneer, eleven dessert recipes that are made from Khoya, and six recipes that use yoghurt.

There are also seven recipes that are inspired by the British Raj and are still served in many Indian clubs and messes of the Armed Forces.

Most recipes are low-calorie, don’t use eggs, and permit the use of sugar-substitutes.

They also can be made in a JIFFY, without special equipment or moulds, without pre-heating ovens, without waiting for hours for your stuff to bake, and so on.

And the bottom line is that you master these and you can handle any Indian dessert recipe from any part of India, we promise.

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Sample text:

Gulaab Jamun (Black Cottage Cheese Balls)

This is the famous street sweet dish that you will find almost everywhere in India.

Serves 3-4


Fresh Paneer (cottage cheese) - 250 grams (9oz) (1 cup)

White flour (Maida) – 2 tablespoon

Baking powder- 1 teaspoon

Milk Powder–2 tablespoons

Green Cardamom-3 crushed

Clarified butter (Ghee) - enough to deep fry (quantity depend on the size of your frying pan)

For the syrup

Sugar-1 cup

Water- 1 cup

Green Cardomom-2 crushed


In a vessel, mix together the paneer, flour, baking powder, milk powder and 3 crushed green cardamom.

Knead well till you get a greasy feeling in your hands.

Now pick up small portions and make it into small balls, of the size of marbles, with your hands. The balls swell up, when fried; so keep them small.

Keep aside.

Make your sugar syrup

Place a deep pan on your heat source and add the sugar and water.

Bring to a boil.

Add cardamom.

Keep aside.

Tip: Some recipes ask you to boil the syrup till you get the 1-strand consistency i.e. when a drop of syrup between your fingers becomes so thick as to become a thin strand. In my opinion, this will only make the syrup cloyingly sweet, that most people in the world hate. So go by your palate!




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