The Time Swindler by Eileen Sheehan

Lured by her evil cousins, Josie must escape their plans to use her as a supply source for an evil dark fae who lives on the life forces of humans.

The time swindler


Cast out of his realm, Swindler, a dark fae, makes a deal with a human, Albert Fielding,  to supply him with people who he can syphon their life energy from, thus stealing time from them.  In exchange he promises Fielding and his ancestors unlimited wealth. As the years progress and the generations move forward, the deal becomes far more complicated and sinister as the ancestors seek the perfect life force supply for Swindler by way of their long lost cousin, Josie.  Will Josie fall prey to their wickedness?

Genre: FICTION / Occult & Supernatural

Secondary Genre: FICTION / Fantasy / Paranormal

Language: English

Keywords: magic, kidnapping, murder, dark fae, demon, witchcraft, romance, love, sex, rape, deceit, thriller, horror

Word Count: 76,584

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Sample text:


A message on Facebook Messenger

Dear Cousin Josette,

My name is Gretchen Fielding. 

I am your second cousin on your father’s side.  My sister, Maude, and I reside in our family home that is located in the Hudson Valley, New York.

It is a long story as to how you came to our attention, so let’s just bypass that part for now. I will be happy to share it with you at a later date and, hopefully, in person.

The fact remains that we have recently learned of you and of the untimely death of your parents. We too have lost our parents. There are not many of our family residing on this side of the pond. Both Maude and I believed that we were the last of the Albert Fielding clan to be found on American soil. With us here on the east coast and you an only child in the mid-west, we feel strongly that those of us who are of Albert’s bloodline should stick together. 

It is a sad thing that we never knew of each other, but we know now and that is all that matters.  We wish to not only offer our heartfelt condolences for your loss, but we would be both honored and grateful if you would come for a visit with us in our home.

It is a large and lovely house that has ample room for all of us.  Not only is it large, but  I am certain that you will find its historical architecture to be a delight to the eye.  As for the area, we enjoy the ambiance of the country on the edge of a quaint and small community with the convenience of having the great city of New York just a short train ride away.

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As always, I highly recommend him. He is easy to work with, fast and efficient.
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