The Tally Man by David McCaffrey

Book One in The Hellbound Anthology

Between Heaven and Hell lies the soul of a killer

The tally man

Obadiah Stark a.k.a The Tally Man thought he was the world's worst serial killer. HE WAS.

Responsible for the murder of 27 women, he was tried and sentenced to death at ADX Absolom, a supermax penitentiary.

Joe O'Connell, a local crime reporter, has followed The Tally Man's killing spree since it began. He thinks it's all over. IT'S NOT.

They are bound together in a destiny that is linked beyond anything they could ever imagine.

Stark's execution marks the beginning of a journey that will show O'Connell that there is a fine line between Heaven and Hell.


Genre: FICTION / Mystery & Detective / General

Language: English

Keywords: psychological thriller, thriller, drama, serial killer

Word Count: 89,000

Sample text:


The archipelago consisted of six principle islands; the Great Blasket Island, Beginish, Inishnabro, Inishvivkillane, Inishtooskert and Tearaght Island. All of the six islands inhabitants were evacuated to the Irish mainland on 17th November 1953 under mysterious circumstances. Some believed that they were abandoned due to the serve weather which beat the islands on an almost daily basis, ensuring that the population would consistently be in danger of being washed out into the raging sea, still in their houses, still in their beds. 

Others, who had embraced the mythology of their Gaelic upbringing, believed that they were spirited away by the Slaugh, a band of the unsanctified dead who fly above the earth, stealing mortal souls. Unable to enter into the light of the sun, they can only come above ground at night when there is little to no moon. During those times, they would often hunt the hapless and unlucky, claiming many a victim. Most who encounter a member of the Slaugh were never heard of again. Those who were strong enough or lucky enough to survive were believed to never be the same. 

Other than the bird population, however, it seemed that the vibe which emanated from ADX Absolom, by virtue of its occupants, was enough to convince all species of insect and mammal to find habitation elsewhere, either on the other islands or on the mainland. 

If man had such attuned intuition, then it would be very likely that, other than the employees of the prison service, no one would ever visit the island at all.

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