The Sweetest Surprise by Augusta Hill

A Valentine's surprise like you've never seen!

The sweetest surprise

Emily's boyfriend is going to dump her. At least, that is what she's been convinced. He is acting incredibly strange, keeping secrets and lying about money. Worst of all, with Valentine's Day coming up, he might dump her on her favorite holiday! 

However, things are not as they appear. Her thoughtful boyfriend actually has a sweet secret up his sleeve. With Emily freaking out, will he be able to keep his lips shut until the big day? 

This is an 8,000 word romantic short story. It is the perfect length to read while at the gym or waiting for the laundry to finish.

Genre: FICTION / General

Secondary Genre: FICTION / Romance / General

Language: English


Word Count: 8000

Sales info:

This book has sold consistently since release, and is the first part of a 4-book series. Reviews have been generally positive for the entire series. The 4th book will soon be out, and will no doubt boost the entire series again. 

Sample text:

Emily’s boyfriend was going to break up with her. Or, at least that was the impending disaster that all the signs pointed towards.  The worst part? Valentine’s Day was approaching and she had a feeling he would drop the bombshell on one of her favorite holidays.

It had started about two weeks earlier, at the end of January, when Jason had suddenly become quiet and withdrawn. At first Emily had thought he was distracted by work. After all, he seemed to be taking a lot of extra emails and calls at night in their home office, and his tech firm had always demanded long hours. So, she wasn’t immediately concerned when he’d disappear to his desk all evening. However, other foreboding signs soon began to pile up.

For the first time, he had forbidden her from touching his computer in the office. In fact, he had started locking the door! This was particularly annoying since her sewing machine was in that room, and he had completely blocked her from quilting.

He had also started sneaking away from the house during the weekend and refusing to say where he was going. He would slip out of bed early in the morning, and creep away out the garage door. If she caught him, he would say he was going on a run. However, he never seemed to be wearing his running shoes.

Worst of all, she had noticed the money in their savings account decreasing in small increments. He kept making up excuses for “money emergencies”, such as forgetting to pack his lunch and having to eat out, but it seemed like a lot of cash was suddenly gone.  The idea that he had developed a sudden and serious cocaine habit was becoming an uncomfortable possibility.

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Already translated. Translated by Patrícia Pinto

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