The Sex Mogul by H. Kundalini

A Lifetime Saga

The sex mogul

How was life under the control of a powerful man. From sexual awakening in early age to the full exploitation during a lifetime. 

Genre: YOUNG ADULT FICTION / Romance / Contemporary

Language: English

Keywords: Romance, Adult, BDSM

Word Count: 86312

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Sample text:

We stay there, floating and rubbing each other’s body. He pulls my thighs up, I embrace His hips with my legs, His neck with my arms and He finds His way inside me. Fucking in the water is amazing. My body is light, and I can jump on His cock with no effort. Lubrication is not good. The water washes my cream out, but it is still nice to be stuffed by His cock. His hands hold me by my butt. I cum, kissing him. We leave the pool and get back on the chaises.

We stay there, recovering. He drinks His beer, I drink my soda.

It doesn’t take long for Mom to arrive and join us with a ‘Hi there’ by the pool. She looks tired.

“Hi, Mom. I missed you.”

“Things to do, Dear. People to see.” She sits by my side. “How are things?” She is genuinely interested.


“Having fun?”

“You can say that.”

“Is He being nice to you?”

“Nope.” He replies before I have a chance. “I’m giving her a hard time.” The three of us laugh.

“I can figure out what His hard time is.” Mom says.

“Really hard.” I say. We laugh again.

“Well, let me get a little more comfortable.” Mom says and starts leaving. As she does that, she moves her head out of His sight, meaning that she wants me to follow her. I wait for some time and excuse myself. “I’ll be back. Toilet calls me.” Then I go after her.

I meet her in her bedroom, undressing. “Tell me everything,” she asks, taking out her bra, keeping just the panties.

“Everything? That’s a lot to tell.”

“Yes, everything. Every nasty detail.”

“You mean things we did?”


“Well Mom, He fucked me.”

Book translation status:

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Already translated. Translated by Nelson Leonel De Benedetti
Author review:
I sent the translation to a friend that speaks portuguese from Portugal and he commented that it's Portuguese from Brazil, some terms are not common to both languages but can be understood. In general the translation is excellent.
Already translated. Translated by Zulay Salas
Author review:
Quick and helpful to achieve a final product.

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