The Seduction of an Earl by Linda Rae Sande

They never married for love. But will their feelings grow into something more?

The seduction of an earl

Henry Forster only ever loved one woman. But there’s a problem – she’s a farmer’s daughter, and his family would never allow him to marry a girl with a status as low as hers. Now as an Earl in need of an heir, Henry is forced to seek a wife – but he’s determined to keep his lover by his side.

Hannah Slater realized a long time ago that men never love their wives. She made peace with that knowledge, and her desperate need for a child drives her to accept Henry’s no-nonsense courtship and marriage proposal. She doesn’t care about his mistress, as long as he gives her what she wants. 

But as they settle into married life, an unlikely spark begins to simmer between the pair. Henry comes to admire his new wife’s bold attitude and business sense, and Hannah is forced to re-think her attitude around married men. But when tragedy strikes, will the couple be driven into each others’ arms? Or will they end up forever stuck in a loveless marriage?

If you love charming historical Regency romance novels with unlikely lovers, a happily-ever-after, and a beautiful 19th-century England backdrop, then you’ll adore Seduction of an Earl by bestselling author Linda Rae Sande.

Genre: FICTION / Romance / Regency

Secondary Genre: FICTION / Romance / Historical / Victorian

Language: English

Keywords: friends to lovers, regency romance, unlikely lovers, British aristocracy, earl, countess, Bampton

Word Count: 112,000

Sales info:

This book is available at all major retailers. Ebooks sold = 9900. Current rank on Nook is 144,568.

Sample text:

Sighing, Hannah moved back to a chair near the fireplace. Her abandoned needlework lay on the chair cushion, and her dog, Harold MacDuff, lay napping on the floor directly in front of the chair. Rather than insist he lift his huge body and move it so that she could retake her seat, Hannah directed her attention to the piano-forté. Music would do her spirits some good, she decided. Rifling through the sheets of music she’d picked out at Birchall’s the week before, she pulled out a few and began to play.

So engrossed was she in studying the music she played, Hannah was unaware of the visitor who stood on the threshold of the parlor. It wasn’t until she completed a selection by Bach and was moving a new sheet of music into place that she noticed her father’s caller. “Oh!” she managed as a hand went to the top of her bosom. 

“Brava, my lady.” Henry Forster bowed deeply, not wanting to take his eyes off the beauty at the piano-forté. He did so to complete the courtesy. Then he had to force himself to breathe. Lady Hannah was far more beautiful up close than she had appeared in the garden the night before. The pink muslin gown she wore complemented her skin as well as her figure, the bodice fitted enough to display the fullness of her breasts. With her slender arms and long fingers uncovered, it was apparent to Henry she had long since left the schoolroom. Twenty, perhaps, he thought as he allowed his gaze to rest on her face. Had Devonville mentioned her age? If so, he couldn’t remember. His brain was suddenly a bit addled.

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Already translated. Translated by Jenny Riemer
Author review:
Jenny has been a joy to work with -- she provides updates, meets her deadlines, and provides a manuscript which is already set up to make perfect ePubs.
Already translated. Translated by Daniele Giuffrè
Author review:
Very quick turn time and responsive to email queries. However, my Italian readers are not happy. Apparently the translation was done using a machine translator and then not corrected or edited. I won't be working with this translator again.
Already translated. Translated by Tânia Nezio
Already translated. Translated by Cristina García
Author review:
Excellent turnaround and quality.

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