The Secret - Book 1: Mind Magic by Katrina Kahler

If you're looking for great books for girls, you are sure to love The Secret, Book 1: Mind Magic...

The secret - book 1: mind magic

Diary Book for Girls Aged 9-12... When 12 year old Tess moves to a new neighborhood, she tries to befriend the boy who lives next door, a boy of the same age, named Sam. Tess doesn't know that Sam has a special power, one that he must keep secret at all costs. No, he is not a mind reader, but he is capable of something else which at times he struggles to control. The other kids think he's strange and tend to avoid him. But with Tess's arrival, everything changes. 

However, Sam is not the only one who takes an interest in Tess.The coolest kid in the grade, a boy named Jake Collins begins to notice her as well and Sam decides he does not have a chance. Then, when Jake's bullying becomes worse than ever, Sam is forced to teach him a lesson.

But what happens when Sam goes too far? And does Tess find out what he is actually capable of?

If you love reading about kids with special powers and you enjoyed my series called 'Mind Reader', then you are sure to enjoy this series too. It is another exciting story full of drama, suspense, romance, boy crushes, friendship issues and much, much more. 
A suspenseful book for girls that you will not be able to put down.

Genre: JUVENILE FICTION / Religious / Christian / Emotions & Feelings

Secondary Genre: JUVENILE FICTION / Readers / Intermediate

Language: English

Keywords: girls book, books for girls ages 9-12, julia jones, girls books 9 12, books for girls, mind reader, diary books for girls

Word Count: 18920

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Sample text:

When I decided to visit Sam that afternoon, there was no way that I expected to witness the scene in front of me. From my spot hidden amongst the clump of trees that bordered our properties, I had a fairly good view through the window of the upstairs room. He had no idea I was watching. It had been by chance that I looked up when I did. And that was when I caught him in action. The fear and confusion that gripped me right then was so intense that I stood frozen to the spot. It explained everything I’d seen happen at school and I knew instantly that he was to blame. But how could he have fooled me for so long? And how many others knew his secret? That was the question on my lips as I stared in silent horror at what was unfolding right in front of me. And then he glanced out the window. It was as though he knew I was there. Watching. Silently watching. And I realized at last, that all the mysterious incidents and near disasters, suddenly made sense. But the moment we made eye contact, I turned quickly and moved away. I was afraid. I was suddenly frightened of the boy who I thought was my friend and I turned and raced home. Back to the sanctuary of my upstairs bedroom where I closed the door behind me and drew the curtains tightly shut. At the same time, I knew he was there, through those bushes and on the other side, probably staring my way. But what was I to do? And who could I tell? I had no idea. And so I just sat down quietly on my bed, overwhelmed with despair. How it all began… I guess that moving to a new neighborhood is like stepping into the unknown. Not only is there a new house and a new bedroom to get used to, but there are even more important things to worry about, like a new school and new friends. For a twelve year old girl, that is definitely what matters most! Those important details were foremost in my mind when we turned the corner into the street leading to our new home. 

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