The Retired S Ranked Adventurer by Wolfe Locke

Volume I

The Shatterfist Returns

The retired s ranked adventurer

★Adventurers never die, they just fade away★

They called him Sven, the Shatterfist.
One of a group of heroes who fought the Demon Lord Mannon.
He’s finally returned home.
But for Sven, after returning from abroad, life isn’t what it used to be.
Adventuring isn’t what it used to be.
Things have changed. Something is different.

The obvious next step?

Settle down. Start his own tavern. Drink with magic girls.
Maybe not in that order.

Get your copy of "The Retired S Ranked Adventurer" and set off for an adventure.

Genre: FICTION / Fantasy / Action & Adventure

Secondary Genre: COMICS & GRAPHIC NOVELS / Fantasy

Language: English

Keywords: Light Novel, Progression, Adventure, Retired, Magic Girl, Guild

Word Count: 55,000

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This book has maintained an under 1000 threshold on Amazon for the majority of the last 30 days. It's grossing between 140-180 daily$ usd.

Sample text:

               It was a slow night at the King's Arms—but then again, it was always a slow night these days. Sven sat at the end of the bar, slouching down in what had become his usual chair. Aside from the tavern keeper, Lloyd, the only other patron of the inn, was what looked like an air-filled coat sitting in an armchair by the fire. Though Sven had overheard the truth of it, the coat was a man. A low Ranker who'd made a wish with a jinn to increase his [Stealth] and ended up cursed with permanent invisibility.

               The King's Arms had long been a tavern meant for the upper rankers to go. It’s just for whatever reason, there weren't that many S-Rankers to go around these days, nor A-Rankers for that matter.  I actually haven’t seen any other S-Rankers in a long time. That was the trouble with getting to that level of power. Most of Sven's comrades had either been killed running "one last mission" or had already retired, bored of the endless quest for the next level of progression. Sven, who had stayed in, kept adventuring and was an exception at this point.

               "What's the new ale today, Lloyd?" Sven said, shrugging off his cloak. "I've been looking forward to trying it all day. Some amateurs almost ruined my chance to try it."

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