The Regime by Eileen Sheehan

Book Two of Kendra's Journey

Can love survive in a world of zombies and aliens?

The regime


In a dystopian world that is struggling to recover from a nuclear war and that is dominated and ruled by aliens, Kendra manages to find love, peace, and harmony. Sadly, her domestic bliss is shattered when she and her husband are captured by the alien regime and placed into the breeding program.  With the help and sacrifice of her gentle caretaker, they manage to escape.  Their bodies are free, but what about their minds? Has too much happened for them to come back to each other?  

To add to the story, their son is taken to Center Land in inner earth and placed in the child program.  Now, they must find a way to get him back!


“The Regime” is Book Two of Kendra’s Journey in a world that offers steamy romance, nail biting peril, thrills,  a bit of horrr, and a paradise-like sanctuary within its core.  All she has to do is make her way there.

Here's what a reader has to say: "This book totally sucked me in like the first! Kendra is such a strong woman I love her. I had My reservations about Ari but after everything in this book she proved to be genuine. This book answered some questions but also raised more that I cant wait to find the answers to in the next book."

Genre: FICTION / Dystopian

Secondary Genre: FICTION / Romance / Science Fiction

Language: English

Keywords: dystopian world, zombies, aliens, clones, drones, romance novel, steamy romance, love scenes

Word Count: 64,222

Sales info:

This is book 2 of a 4 book set.  It is just beginning to take of with sales.   Book 1 and 2 are released.  Book 3 is on pre-order but will be released this month. (It is selling in pre-order).  I am presently writing book 4.  This set has been contracted to be made into audio books (In English) to be sold on and itunes.

Sample text:

Welcome to book two of Kendra’s Journey.  Let’s do a little catching up before we begin our story.

Kendra was just a babe-in-arms when war broke out upon the planet.  While many wealthy members of humanity moved their homes into the center of the earth to avoid the destruction brought onto the planet by the release of nuclear warfare, some, like Kendra’s family, sought refuge in a bomb shelter that was built by her ancestors during the 1950’s when the first nuclear scare swept the population.  Just prior to the unexpected release of nuclear warfare, three scientists were commissioned to create a zombie virus upon Russia to help subdue them.  The plan was to release the cure once this was accomplished.  But, of the best laid plans….  So, when the nuclear warfare was set upon the planet by a small group of misguided rulers, the scientists scattered and were lost.  With them went the zombie cure.


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Already translated. Translated by Nylene Van der Westhuizen
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Already translated. Translated by Marcelo Gil Machado
Already translated. Translated by Gloria Diaz

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