The Redemption by MaryLu Tyndall

A lady’s quest for her father. A pirate’s hunt for a murderer. Only a miracle can save them both.

The redemption

2006 Christy Award Nominee!

The Redemption is a rousing pirate adventure filled with sea battles, chases, arrests, and betrayal. Tyndall expertly interweaves history with fiction to create a spellbinding tale any lover of pirate romance will enjoy. Cindy Vallar – Editor Pirates and Privateers

Charlisse Bristol sets off on a voyage in search of a father she never knew, only to become shipwrecked on an island. She longs for a father’s love to fill the emptiness in her soul from an abusive childhood, but resigns herself to a lonely death of starvation. Her salvation comes in the form of a band of pirates and their fierce, enigmatic leader, Captain Merrick.

The last thing Merrick expected to find in the middle of the Caribbean was a beautiful maiden. Now he is burdened with the task of not only protecting her from his crew, but from himself. A recent convert to Christianity, Merrick is haunted by a sordid past while he struggles to become a better man and accepts a mission from God to hunt down the most vicious pirates on the Caribbean.

Charlisse can make no sense of Captain Merrick. A pirate who prays and drinks rum? Breaking her vow to never trust any man, she finds herself falling for the pirate/priest, who more than once risks his life to save her. When she confides in him her quest to find her father, Merrick agrees to help. What he doesn’t realize is Charlisse’s father is the ruthless Edward the Terror, the one man Merrick has vowed to hunt down and kill.

Evil forces are at work against Charlisse and Merrick: enemies, battles, imprisonment, jealousy, and betrayal, all threaten to destroy not only their new found romance but their very lives. It will take a miracle—or several—for either of them to survive.

M. L. Tyndall has written a fascinating story that rivals Pirates of the Caribbean, and Captain Merrick is giving Captain Jack Sparrow (Johnny Depp) a run for his money, too! I highly recommend this well-written, high-seas novel that dares anyone to label it as merely just another romance. Sherri Myers, Romance Junkies

Genre: FICTION / Religious

Secondary Genre: FICTION / Romance / General

Language: English


Word Count: 101,646

Sales info:

The Redemption has sold more than 40,000 copies since it's release in 2006. It was a Christy Award Nominee and an Inspirational Readers Choice Winner.  Even though it has been out for a number of years, it still continues to sell well.

Sample text:

As she neared the men’s camp, the noise of revelry grew—laughter, curses, shouts, the crackle of a huge fire. A pistol shot thundered the night sky. Charlisse jumped. Wavering in her resolve, she stood motionless. Perhaps it would be better to retreat quietly and die alone in her tree. These men did not sound friendly. Yet curiosity drove her forward, along with a resurging hope that somehow she might be delivered from this hellish island.

Crouching behind a bush, she made out the shapes of men sitting on the beach. She crawled as close as she dared to the edge of the jungle, her heart pounding so furiously, she feared it would betray her presence. Even in the cool night air, perspiration moistened her body, pulling her petticoat in a tight embrace.

So many men! Forty at least. But were there others she could not see? Perhaps they were skulking about the jungle behind her. She listened for any unusual movement but heard nothing. The men sprawled around the fire, passing jugs back and forth while chomping on some kind of meat.

Food. The smell of it was intoxicating! Her mouth watered, and she wondered where her body found the moisture. She shook uncontrollably, whether from hunger or fear, she didn’t know.

Some of the men stood and pushed each other in heated arguments. Others staggered in the sand, cursing. The dark outline of a ship loomed offshore, tipped in the shallow water and tied with ropes to sturdy trees that lined the beach. A welcome sight, indeed. But from the looks of her crew, it might as well be full of holes for all the good it would do Charlisse.

Several minutes passed. As she watched the men, she realized what they were. Many a story had made its way back to England about the bands of sea-roving thieves that haunted these waters—violent, depraved ruffians who attacked ships without provocation and ravished innocent women.


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Already translated. Translated by Alessia Simoni
Author review:
Alessia did an outstanding job. She was very good at communicating and very easy to work with. The translation looks great! My only complaint was that it took a long time. However, that was due to illness and other issues she had, but she always let me know what was going on. I would recommend her to others!
Already translated. Translated by Rodrigo Peixoto
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Rodrigo was excellent to work with! Efficient, communicative, and thorough. The book turned out great. Highly recommend him!
Already translated. Translated by Ivan N. Faundez Herrera
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Ivan was fabulous to work with! He was very attentive to details and very anxious to make the translation as perfect as possible! Highly recommend.

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