The Real Keto Diet by Tolga Cakir

The Essential Guide to Ketogenic Life

All you need is this book as a guide and dive into the keto diet and you have to stick to it.

The real keto diet

Starting a new diet especially ketogenic can feel overwhelming. This is why the Author tried and tested the diet by himself to see if it is easy as it seems. All you need is this book as a guide and dive into the keto diet and you have to stick to it. 

Genre: HEALTH & FITNESS / Diet & Nutrition / General

Secondary Genre: MEDICAL / Diet Therapy

Language: English

Keywords: keto diet, diet, keto, nutrition, cooking, recipes, food

Word Count: 12972

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I am an Amazon #1 Best Selling Author in the UK, USA and Australia.  This is a new book.

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I am not sure where to start my book.  It was the moment when I have realized that I need to become healthier as I was feeling overweight, which was more than 105 Kg.   naturally, I ended up researching different types of diets.  We may all know now that healthy life is all about the mind, soul, and body. It was not easy to keep up with a good diet and lifestyle while travelling between the continents, I sincerely felt the need for a full recovery.




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Great work, and he has overdelivered the work. His attention to detail is awesome. Highly recommended!
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Great translation job from a Great man!
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