The Rancher Takes a Cowgirl by Misty M. Beller

A quiet Texas ranch may be just the place to hide...

The rancher takes a cowgirl

Grace Harper is in hiding. When her father died six months before, she never imagined her unexpected inheritance would threaten her life. What better place to disappear than on a cattle ranch, doing the work she spent the last nine years helping her father with? And surely she’ll be safe hidden in Texas, thousands of miles from her trouble. 

Monty Dominguez has spent much of his life working on the Double Rocking B Ranch in Seguin, Texas. He’s worked his way from a 12-year-old orphan stable boy, to ranch foreman and trusted friend of the family. There’s not much he wouldn’t do to protect the people and land he loves, even if it means giving up his own dreams. 

When the danger trailing Grace catches up to her, there’s only one way to save the people—especially the man—she’s come to love. Can she find the courage for the ultimate sacrifice to protect those she’s put at risk? Just as Monty’s dreams might finally be within reach, will one misstep cost him everything?

Genre: FICTION / Christian / Historical

Secondary Genre: FICTION / Romance / Historical

Language: English

Keywords: Christian historical romance, Inspirational romance, historical fiction, Texas ranch, Western, cowboy

Word Count: 52,878

Sales info:

As of 3/22/2018, this book has sold 10,030 copies in the English language. It consistently ranks well in the Christian Historical Romance and Frontier and Pioneer categories on Amazon, including several times as a bestseller in those categories. 

It is the third of a 3-book series, and I will be posting the other two books in the series for translation, as well. 

I would appreciate a translation into any language, but would especially like a Spanish translation, as I think this would be popular due to the location and subject matter in the books (western book set on a ranch in Texas). 

Sample text:

THE NEXT MORNING, Grace found herself riding beside her tall boss, heading a different direction than the rest of the cowpunchers. He’d said he wanted to show her the lay of the land today, although she suspected it had more to do with keeping an eye on her. She’d caught glimpses of him yesterday, watching from the trees, or just over the slope of the hill.

She inhaled a breath, cutting a glance at his stoic form. “Have you worked on this ranch long, Mr. Dominguez?”

He didn’t look at her, didn’t show any visible reaction to her words. In fact, for several moments, Grace wasn’t sure he’d even heard them. Did the man have a bad ear?

“Been here since I was twelve.”

Twelve. She slid another sideways glance toward him. The man looked to be five or six years older than her, which would put him in his early thirties. So he’d worked at this ranch for twenty years? That was loyalty in its purest form. No wonder he sat a horse and rode this land like he belonged here.

“You’ve hired on as a cowhand before?”

The question pulled her from her thoughts. The man spoke without being prompted? A wonder. “I worked on my father’s ranch in California. Not such a big spread as you have here, but a decent size.” And that was all she planned to say on the place. Any more would give away too many details. Make it too easy to connect a stranger’s questions to her.


“I’m surprised your father allowed you to leave. I wouldn’t easily part with a good cow hand.”

She almost missed the tilt of his chin as he stole a glance at her. But the insinuation was clear. “My father didn’t have a choice in the matter. He died six months ago.” And that was all she would say about her family, even if she had to be rude to keep silent.​

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