The Princess and the Vampire King by Eileen Sheehan

What happens when the king of vampires on Planet Earth and the heir to the throne of Planet Kurr fall in love?

The princess and the vampire king

What happens when the king of vampires on Planet Earth and the heir to the throne
of Planet Kurr fall in love?

Jessica, the princess of the planet Kurr and heir to its throne, is captured by the evil flesh eating Dragos. Jack, the king of the vampires on Earth rescues her.

Unbeknownst to Jessica, Jack has been guarding
her for most of her life from afar as a promise to her
deceased father. Over those years he grew to love and desire her. Now that he’s so close to her, he struggles to subdue that love and desire, while Jessica pushes to bring it forth.

Genre: FICTION / Romance / Paranormal

Secondary Genre: FICTION / Fantasy / Paranormal

Language: English

Keywords: romance, vampires, paranormal, fiction, sci-fi, fantasy, new adult, thriller, action

Word Count: 78,094

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I am doing all I can to get my books out to the readers.  I have an author website: (New Adult paranormal/romance/thrillers) and (historical romance).  I have book trailer for most of my novels posted on;;; my author websites; and my facebook book fan page.  It is my intention to offer audio books for a good deal of my novels.  I have only been published a few years, but I write quickly ( 4 novels in the last 6 months)  so my inventory of published works is growing.  I send ARC to reviewers and have been lucky enough to get 4  & 5 star reviews for the most part. Review
What an enjoyable paranormal read! I hope for more in the series!, 
March 9, 2016
By Dana Busenbark
This review is from: The Princess and the Vampire King (Kindle Edition)

Jessica does not know who she is beyond being Jessica, orphaned child that is being raised by her Aunt. One day, her fiancee gets upset with her and drives off when she refuses to get into the car with him because he has been drinking. She is kidnapped. Who kidnaps her and why? Who finds her and rescues her? Where is she taken to by those the kidnapped her? Why is she kept in a cave until the day someone else shows up and they leave? Who is this L'oana woman that shows up one day and then dogs Jessica at every turn? What does she have to do with all this? Who are Jack, Org, and Mark? What do each of these men have to do with Jessica or want from Jessica? Things get tricky with Jack when Org comes into the picture. When L'oana spills some info after having Jack knocked out, and Org drugged, what happens? Where is she taken? Who helps her and why? When she gets home, what happens when Jack, Org, and Mark all come together and more secrets are revealed? This was an incredible read. I will not say what Jess' choice is so you can be surprised. I seriously hope there is another book in this series!


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Sample text:


I looked around the room.  Was I alone?  Were angels going to come in to serve me?

Spirits maybe? I gasped in trepidation.  I was in heaven, wasn’t I?  My mind raced through my actions prior to my capture.  I could think of nothing I had done that would have warranted my going to hell.  Surely this was heaven.  It just had to be.

The faint rustling outside the cave caught my attention.  Since I was uncertain about everything right then, I decided it best to play possum. I had just enough time to close my eyelids far enough to appear asleep, while leaving them cracked open just enough to view the activity in the room from beneath my abnormally long, thick lashes, before he entered. I had all I could do not to gasp with admiration.  That settled it! I was in heaven and some sort of god had just entered the cave. His six-foot-tall, muscular physique moved with the power, grace, and presence of someone possessing an undeniable abundance of self-confidence.  His feet practically glided when he walked. His lean, well-formed muscles rippled with each movement as he fed newly chopped wood to the embers of what had once been a roaring fire.  Thick, dark hair framed his pale, aristocratic features as he fanned the fire until flames once again danced to his satisfaction. His perfectly formed mouth made me aware of my own thin, overly broad lips. I’d wager his mouth didn’t consume his face when he smiled like mine did.  His only apparel was a pair of black leather pants that fit like a second skin.  The rest of him, including his feet, was bare.  I could have admired him all day.  I’d never encountered so perfect a man.   

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