The Pocket Diary of Leonard Russo by Subrat Mohanty

A love story of a young man

The pocket diary of leonard russo

The book is a fiery story of a young Florentine businessman who falls in love. The story unfolds gradually as he recounts his experience as a first time lover. 

Genre: FICTION / Romance / Contemporary

Language: English

Keywords: Youth, Romance, Poetry, Love, Autobiography

Word Count: 1876

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It has just been published. So, it is yet to have any sales.

Sample text:

Leather fascinated my father, a connoisseur of perfection, throughout his life. He would travel miles in search of finest leather. He had many acquaintances in the tanneries and had himself learnt the art of making leather from them. When I was twelve years old, he even took me to one of the tanneries in the outskirts of the city and showed me how it was made. He died a year later due to tuberculosis, leaving me behind to take care of the shop. I was his only son whom he had brought up with love unbound, all by himself. Following his death, I lived a solitary life. Often the solitude broke me into tears. But as the years passed by, I grew firm just like the animal hides grow after tanning. Later, I kept his tradition alive by travelling far off in search of premium leather. The trips were still solitary yet grew philosophical at times as I drew parallels between the journeys and my life, a journey itself.

A traveller I am, in the unknown streets of time,

Searching for the one where my dream lives.

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Already translated. Translated by Margherita V.
Already translated. Translated by simone de mello schmidt
Translation in progress. Translated by Roberto Peña Páez

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