The Pleasure Room by Vanessa Devereaux

Since becoming a widow, Lady Lucinda has craved her brother-in-law, Anthony.

The pleasure room

Since becoming a widow, Lady Lucinda has craved her brother-in-law, Anthony. Should she ever be foolish enough to act on her desire she’d cause a scandal. One evening she overhears a conversation about the pleasure room where one can remain anonymous, but enjoy pleasures of the flesh. Lucinda knows this will be the perfect place to live out her sexual fantasies, and perhaps get Anthony out of her system once and for all. In the pleasure room she meets men who show her what her body has been craving, but is it enough to put all thoughts of Anthony from her mind?
This is a previously published book by Forever More Publishing and now self-published at an introductory lower price by the author who has also added a sneak peek of chapter one of Pleasure by a Lord, the first book in the upcoming Regency Rogues and Rakes series.

Genre: FICTION / Erotica / General

Language: English

Keywords: Regency, Regency erotica, erotica, erotic stories, historical erotica, romantic erotica

Word Count: 11,569

Sales info:

This book was first published in 2015 and has to date been my most successful fiction novella. It remains a favorite on many sites and stays within the best selling list in its category.

I'd love to see it translated into as many languages so it can gain a bigger audience and enjoy even more sales.

Sample text:

“The most perfect thing about it is everyone’s anonymous.”

I had been eavesdropping, as I so often do at social functions. The four ladies sitting at the table in the corner had been unaware that I’d been listening to every word they’d said. Normally, conversation among all women in a group was tiresome, at best. However, when the discussion of being pleasured had been raised, accordingly my interest and curiosity had been piqued. The word anonymous had excited me no end.

“How does a person get invited to one of these events? Pray do tell me,” said the older of the women, whisking her fan back and forth in front of her face.

“Well, that is where events can either go in your favor or not,” said the woman sitting directly next to her. “One simply shows up at the door, and if they like the look of your dress and mask, then you are allowed to enter. However, not everyone who is given admission is invited to The Pleasure Room.”

A firm grip on my right shoulder almost made me jump. I glanced to my right, spotting the green stone setting in a solid gold ring and immediately knew who’d taken me by surprise.

“Caught you red-handed,” he said, not easing up on his firm hold of me.

I felt myself blush as I always do in his presence. Had he heard what the women were talking about? Did he realize I’d been listening?

He took away his hand and sat next to me. He was a handsome man, who had always toyed and teased me to the point that I try my best to avoid him, even though we are related through marriage.



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The book is available for translation into any language.

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