The Pearl within his Clam by Linda Henderson

Good advice for kids on how to cope with bullies.

The pearl within his clam

This story of Daniel and his Grandfather will warm the hearts of both you and your children or grandchildren. Listen in on their conversation as Daniel opens up to his Grandpa on a walk they go on together after school. Daniel shares how he is being bullied by two of his classmates because he's short. His Grandfather tells him some very wise and timeless advice.Whether or not you know a child who is being bullied or you are that child, "The Pearl within his Clam" shares pearls of wisdom which can improve the life of any person- young or old!


Secondary Genre: JUVENILE NONFICTION / Boys & Men

Language: English

Keywords: bullying, friendship, grandfather, forgiveness

Word Count: 1923

Sample text:

" A pearl reminds me of something, Daniel. You mentioned how some of the boys at school teased you, and how you wished you were taller so they wouldn't do that." Daniel looked sad as he nodded his head in agreement. Grandpa continued," The trial you're going through in school is like how a clam feels with a piece of sand stuck in its mouth. It feels irritated and uncomfortable. In general, it's annoyed, and if clams could be mad it might even get angry. But think about what is produced inside the clam because of that kernel of sand. Yes, a magnificent pearl."

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