The Morantian by Guy Lozier

The Morantian was sent from the higher dimensions to help protect Earth...

The morantian

The Morantian picks up where book one left off in the Mind Rift Saga. Auren unleashes the most powerful force in all the universes by accident. The King of the Faery seeks help from the Dwarfs and the Dragons to confront the Devian Hordes. Ru, the Queen of the Darklanders, stands against the King of the Devians. The new Guardian from the higher dimensions is kidnapped by Glaxus causing more Morantians to be sent to help battle against the Devians. Guy unleashes his imagination to bring the greatest depth into Dimensional Warfare taking his reader from the lowest dimensions to the highest dimensions and into timelessness. Then he opens time travel to bring the greatest complexity with highly evolved humans far into the future who cast their lot into the past to fight off the invading Devian Hordes that threaten all time-lines and dimensions. Guy's readers continue to call his work "Pure Genius" with complexity and twists to spare, that will leave you wanting more.

Genre: FICTION / Fairy Tales, Folk Tales, Legends & Mythology

Secondary Genre: FICTION / Fantasy / Epic

Language: English

Keywords: magic, fantasy, dwarfs, elfs, werewolfs, vampires, faery, shaman, epic battles

Word Count: 65553

Sales info:

This book is just beginning to generate some sales as it is number two in the Mind Rift Series.  Without a marketing budget it is beginning to sell itself because it is in a series.

Sample text:

But as she got to the door she stopped, she turned to grasp the two faces of the wall in the doorway, clinging to the wall looking back at me with a look of wonderment, staring at me as if admiring me. I looked behind me just to be sure I wasn’t missing something. We were alone.

I stood there transfixed on this beauty of my dreams as she only stared back at me. No words were said as we waited. It seemed like an eternity, one that I suddenly didn’t want to end. Then an older man came rushing into the room, obviously her papa. He brushed by her as he entered the room, watching me intently as he looked from her to me. He must have worked it out because he turned to her as he pointed at me with a questioning look on his face, demanding of her an answer. She only shook her head briskly as if he would understand. Whatever it was that they knew between them was not discussed. Her papa turned his attention to me as he approached me. He smiled at me as he took his hat off, holding it with a firm grip between both his hands.

“You must be Stephen?”

“Yes sir! I came here to find another who uses these machines.”

I pointed to the machine on the table between us. He glanced at it for only a moment then he looked right back to me.

“My daughter has been using this. It is an amazing thing. Felicity thinks that the world will be destroyed today somehow. She says that with your help it will be saved. She has never been wrong about these things. Did she tell you?”

I looked at her, “No, we have just met.”

Felicity spoke then, “Papa, he shined like the sun yet he has only been using the machine for a couple of days.”

Her father’s face changed suddenly as he looked at me closely.

“Like the sun?”

“Yes Papa, brighter than the sun.”

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Translation in progress. Translated by André Weber
Already translated. Translated by Américo Méndez Rosales

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