The Life-Changing Magic of Decluttering Your Mind By Decluttering Your House by Marie Douglas

A step-by-step guide to releasing anxiety, stress, worry, and depression by tidying up

How to declutter your mind by decluttering your house

The life-changing magic of decluttering your mind by decluttering your house

This book talks about how a cluttered house or space can cause subconscious stress without you even knowing it.
Marie talks about how she has developed several techniques for easy and stress free decluttering and organizing ones space.
Her step by step instructions will help you find joy in getting things done and help you relax.
This book is unique in that it goes into detail of what the most critical and common issues that many homemakers, mothers,spouses are concerned with , and you may be surprised by some of them that aren't as well known.

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Secondary Genre: HOUSE & HOME / Decorating

Language: English

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Chapter 1: Every Journey Starts with a First Step


Are you feeling overwhelmed with all the demands motherhood makes on you? Do you wake up in the mornings already tired and drained? Do you go around during the day cleaning up, but does it seem as if things are never in order? Do you have a hard time scheduling your tasks and your kids' activities? Do you feel as if you no longer have time for yourself?


If you answered yes to any of these questions, this book is the perfect read for you! Let me walk you through how you can get your life organized and how you can have control over what you do and how you feel. This book is meant to empower, encourage, and energize you. Motherhood can be fun, fulfilling, and free of stress!



Begin by making lists


The best and straightforward way to declutter your mind is really to unload it by writing everything down. Don't pressure yourself as to what you should write or how you should begin. To inspire you, get a pretty notebook or journal where you can set your thoughts free. I will be giving you some guide questions here that can help get you started. Feel free to answer in bullet points. The point of this first exercise is to just get everything down on paper. Even the act of writing will release your negative thoughts and energies already, believe me! Journaling is therapeutic and healing. Don't hold yourself back. Just write everything down when you can. Do try to answer all of the questions below.


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