The Lee Coil Saga by Riley Moreno

Traveling across the country for a lead on a hot case, Lee uncovers more than she bargained for.

The lee coil saga

From book 1:

Ambitious and fiery Lee Coil is determined to work her way up the ladder of a predominately male-oriented workforce. Knowing her disadvantages, she refuses to let any setbacks deter her. When she gets an opportunity to catapult her career, she jumps at the opportunity.

Traveling across the country for a lead on a hot case, Lee uncovers more than she bargained for. With Darren, her boyfriend and co-worker, helping her dig for answers, Lee is forced to admit one thing: she may be in over her head. Can the dedicated cop prove that she's more than a woman in a man's world?

From book 2:

Her boss is missing.  And all evidence points to Lee Coil.  Determined to clear her name and diffuse all suspicion, Lee and Darren set out to uncover the truth. 

Trusting nobody, they travel to a remote city searching for answers.  Amidst death threats, murder attempts, and dangerous enemies, Lee and Darren fight for their lives--and for evidence to clear her name.  But what they unearth startles them both.  Their enemies are closer than they ever imagined.  Can they save themselves before it's too late?

From book 3:

Lee Coil is always tangled in a bind.  Taking off to the aftermath of the last tragedy, Lee is forced to discover more than she ever imagined.  Torn between who she can trust and who she can't, Lee knows there are no easy answers.  

Trekking through Torbelli with Darren by her side, unwelcome and unwanted, Lee fights to uncover the truth.  Sifting through lies and wrongful judgments, Lee is determined to find the truth--even if it hurts her in the end. 

Genre: FICTION / Mystery & Detective / Amateur Sleuth

Secondary Genre: YOUNG ADULT FICTION / Mysteries & Detective Stories

Language: English

Keywords: detective, thriller, mystery, young sleuths, woman sleuths, murder mystery, detective mystery

Word Count: 90,000

Sales info:

This is a professinally edited series. Covers are professional as well. Sales will be driven through facebook advertising. Thanks!

Sample text:

Lee leans across the table, slides it over, nice and easy. No hesitation or comprise in how she does it either. His eyes light up with surprise and glee, knocking him aside and almost causing the man to sweat his balls off. The sweat glands are on the double! And he dabs at his forehead with the handkerchief that he has tucked away under his sleeve. Then tucks it right back in and blinks; looks up to Lee, blinks. Then reaches out to take it -

“Slow down, Huckleberry Bob. I need your word.” Lee drags it back.

“My word.” He pulls that handkerchief right out and holds it to his nose. Maybe he’s sniffing the sweat from a man who’s the size of the globe? And if he is, then he’d have to admit that he was both large and overflowing. Because he’s protruding from head to toe. It all hangs out; his lip, his stomach, his chin, his man breasts…even his bulging eyes that slip out from the eyelids like they’re about to leak out like a runny egg.

His suit contains some dignity: a subtle and inexpensive allure, but it can’t hide the obtrusiveness of the fat underneath that wants to be let out and set free. Lee can smell him too and reckons perspiration but with a hint of cheap deodorant that probably stained his underarms more than it worked to disguise the smelly odor that he gives off.

“That code for stupidity? Am I talking in tongues now? Yes, your word. The truth. The key to me walking into that building and coming out with the result that I’ve been working on for the past 2 – months. You, with the ability to wank all you want. And me, with the gratitude to not bust you for such an offense.”

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Translation in progress. Translated by Juliana Sobreira
Already translated. Translated by Cristina López

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