The Leap of Forgiveness by April Geremia

In this second book, Geremia explores two stories simultaneously – Joshua’s unraveling of the mystery surrounding his mother, which serves to grow his anger against the couple who raised him, and what looks to be the unraveling of the love between Joshua

The leap of forgiveness

What happens when everything you’ve ever been told is a lie?

When mysterious lavender-scented letters begin to arrive that are signed “Mama,” Joshua McKeon discovers all he’s been told about his mother’s tragic suicide when he was a young boy was a lie. Can he unravel the web of lies that has surrounded him his entire life? And will Isabelle, the love of his life, continue to wait as the long-kept secrets prevent him from truly letting go? 

An emotional and inspirational novel about love, madness, and forgiveness that will keep you riveted to the last page.

Genre: FICTION / Christian / Historical

Secondary Genre: FICTION / Christian / Romance

Language: English


Word Count: 68,936

Sales info:

Again, this book sells well, especially when I run promotions,which I do often.

Sample text:

The letter began its soundless freefall into the future. There was no indication, no sign or subtle hint of itsdestiny as it twirled the through salty, humid sea air. The ancient lavenderparchment envelope, which held the hope for one man's life and the dying wordsof a woman, spiraled downward until it landed on the soft cloud of waitingletters. The flowing curves of the decades old script stood out among thesterilely typed words of the present. Although the lavender scent had begun tofade, the air around the letter instantly became smoother, cleaner. The magicof the letter was such that if someone were to stop outside the mailbox andlisten closely, they might hear the tides of tomorrow whispering in their ears.

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Already translated. Translated by annie blue
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I love working with Annie. She's professional and truly cares about the project.
Translation in progress. Translated by Silvana Borghi

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