The Illusion of Happiness by Ken Luball

Choosing Love Over Fear

The Illusion of Happiness: Choosing Love Over Fear” “Who looks outside, dreams. Who looks inside, awakes.” - Carl Jung The Illusion of Happiness; Choosing Love over Fear is book 4 in “The Awakening Tetralogy”. This book reveals the many false paths thr

The illusion of happiness

The Awakening Tetralogy - Book 4


The Illusion of Happiness: Choosing Love over Fear

"Who looks outside, dreams. Who looks inside, awakes." - Carl Jung

When your relationship with the world around you is formed through a fear-dominant lens, your Journey through Life can often feel lonely and oppressive. Your troubles are endless and your baggage heavy, often leading you to erect internal barriers, protecting you from this emotional trauma. Yet these same barriers serve to also isolate us from everything else around us, including our true selves.

The Illusion of Happiness; Choosing Love over Fear is the fourth installment in The Awakening Tetralogy and reveals the false paths we often find ourselves on and how it is possible to find inner peace and purpose once again. Learn how to stop searching for Meaning and Happiness through external activities and relationships and,  instead, focus on unpacking your trauma and finding your Light Within.

Genre: BODY, MIND & SPIRIT / General

Secondary Genre: BODY, MIND & SPIRIT / Inspiration & Personal Growth

Language: English

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Book is part of a series of four spiritual novels to be published on June 1 2002

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Chapter 1:
Finding Your Light

The answers we seek, to “Find Your Light”,

Enabling us to embrace Inner Peace, Love and Meaning in our Life,

May “Never” be found in the world by looking outside.

They may only be found by looking “Within”, where the Spirit exists.

Many of us intuitively understand this.

To accept and allow your Spirit to guide

Your Journey Through Life, however, is quite challenging.

This is due to the dominance of the Ego (Self).

The Ego is everything we were “Taught” and “Believe” to be true since our birth.

“Awakening” begins when we start to question everything we “Learned”.

“Enlightenment” happens when we “Accept” as truth

Everything we learned was “Wrong”.

The journey is long, difficult, and often lonely.

The “Meaning of Life” is pursuing this journey,

“Sharing Selflessly”

With all others your “Light” within.

“Why we are Alive”? What is the “Meaning of Life”? These questions have been asked for millennia; it may be surprising how simple the answers actually are. When we are born, these answers are already within us. In fact, it is not until “after” we are born the answers to these questions become lost in the many challenges we all face in life.








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Neeru did an excellent job translating my book from English to Hindi. Would very highly recommend.
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