The Healing Energy of Reiki: A Beginner's Book for a Better Understanding by Lewis Haas

Learn How to Profoundly Change Your Life with the Powerful Healing Art of Reiki

The healing energy of reiki: a beginner's book for a better understanding


Learn How to Profoundly Change Your Life with the Powerful Healing Art of Reiki

Would you like to feel physically and emotionally energized? Do you need to get rid of anxiety or depression? Can you imagine feeling mentally and emotionally stronger? What if you could relieve physical and emotional pain? Do you want to release past traumas and finally heal yourself? How about if you could realize your self-worth, find your path in life, to feel free of anger, worry, and doubt? Would you like to create vibrant health for yourself and others?

The solution is simple and natural - Reiki. After reading “The Healing Energy of Reiki: A Beginner's Book for a Better Understanding” you will know what Reiki is and how to unlock its power. The healing art of Reiki is an incredible way to create a life full of health, happiness and abundance.

“The Healing Energy of Reiki” includes:

With Reiki, The Quality of Your Life Is About To Improve - Revolutionize Your Health and Your Life in a Natural, Holistic and Exciting Way!

Genre: BODY, MIND & SPIRIT / Healing / Energy (Qigong, Reiki, Polarity)

Secondary Genre: BODY, MIND & SPIRIT / Channeling & Mediumship

Language: English


Word Count: 9011

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This book has been on the market for over a year and has had tons of downloads via Kindle, buys on paperback and audiobook.

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Welcome to the World of Reiki

This little book is designed to tell you about the fascinating Japanese healing form known as Reiki. Whether you’re thinking of forging a new career as a practitioner or seeking a new way of getting help for what ails you as a patient - Reiki may be your solution.

Depression is a debilitating mental health issue that effects around 9% of the U.S. population[i]. I knew a woman who had symptoms of depression on and off since her teenage years. She had struggled with bullying, family issues and a low self esteem. As an adult, she was diagnosed with post natal depression, was medicated, then referred to a mental health specialist. After some time, her symptoms started to settle down. However the depression came back and after a few episodes causing more worrying symptoms like self harm, agoraphobia and suicide attempts, she was told that she would need medication for the rest of her life.

Enough to cause a dose of depression in itself, no one likes to think that they will be taking pills and going to counseling forever. She was unable to hold a job, her marriage was failing and she rarely left her house. Was this how the rest of her life was going to be? Well, this lady decided that there had to be more to life than that.

Through internet surfing she discovered the power of alternative therapies. She started meditating with a friend and learning about how the usage of color could influence her moods - yellow lifted her spirits, purple gave her confidence and red energized her body. She found a teacher who introduced her to other ways of healing and this led her to Reiki.

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