The Fall of Martin Orchard by Martin Lundqvist

The Gamma-Ray Blast would hit Earth on the 20th October 2131, and I needed to make sure that humanity survived the Apocalypse

The fall of martin orchard

'The apocalypse was coming. The Gamma-Ray Blast would hit Earth on the 20th October 2131, and I needed to make sure that humanity survived the Apocalypse.'

In the year 2019, Martin Orchard travelled to Egypt on a holiday, where he stumbled across a beautiful gemstone at a bazaar. The gemstone opened a Divine Portal inside the Cheops Pyramid to the ancient extra-terrestrial realm, where Martin met Zetan aliens and was given premonitions as well as an other-worldly glowing tattoo.

"Find Keila Eisenstein, and warn her of Rangda the Deceiver."

This was the message that was given to him, just before he came back to reality.

1.5 years later, while in Nepal, Martin had another encounter with an extra-terrestrial being, Rangda Kaliankan, Queen of the Xeno species. He decided to follow her path and was given a futuristic monocle, that granted him a higher consciousness. Martin along with eight other people were given the same supernatural technology, and were given an important mission to save the world from Gamma-Ray Apocalypse.

But who controls the futuristic technology, and what impact will the group's actions have on the fate of humanity?

Genre: FICTION / Science Fiction / Adventure

Secondary Genre: FICTION / Action & Adventure

Language: English

Keywords: Worldwide conspiracy, Action, supernatural, gods and aliens, Stopping the apocalypse

Word Count: 76000

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Sample text:

Elaine was looking at me. It was not Elaine from my life but a more beautiful version, the perfect version that never exists in the real world.

“Elaine?” I asked.
Elaine shook her head and replied. “No, I am the True Maker. I took the form of the human that you love the most.” The True Maker stated.
“Is this the afterlife?” I asked.

The True Maker smiled at me. “There is no afterlife. You already know this. All life consists of different states of energy, and when you die, the universe absorbs this energy.” The True Maker revealed.
“So, what is this then?” I asked
“I stopped time for you, moments before the universe absorbs your energy. I wanted to thank you for fulfilling your purpose.” The True Maker revealed.
“I don’t understand,” I said.
“You made Sabina face Rangda. This encounter stopped the future apocalypse.” The True Maker revealed.
“What about the gamma-ray-burst meant to strike the earth in 2131?
“The gamma-ray-burst would have destroyed Sydney. However, your intervention caused Keila to focus on controlling her inner demons and maintain a positive outlook. Sabina and Keila will die together, absorbing the blast and saving the city.” The True Maker revealed.
“So, everything turns out fine in the end?” I asked.
“Good and bad are human constructs. The life force will keep flowing on Earth for many millions of years to come. That is a positive outlook in my world.” The True Maker replied.
“Thank you!” I replied.
“You’re welcome, human. Is there anything else you need to know before you pass on?”
“No, I am ready,” I replied.

Time resumed, and I experienced a bright white light before my consciousness became one with the universe!

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