The Eyes of the Ghost by Francisco Daniel Colorado Castro

Lucio seeks to discover the truth about his brother's crime, which destroyed their family.

The eyes of the ghost

After many years of silence about his family’s disruption, Lucio confronts his father for answers, he confesses him that Estefan his older brother and his crime were the cause. As a result, Lucio starts a quest to find his brother and verify with his own eyes, that his exemplary brother committed it. Nevertheless starting a new life without the helping of anyone becomes a burden. 
However, Lucio manages to enter his brother’s old high school just to discover the urban legend of the rapist of Monte-Pino and finds similitudes between his protagonist and his brother. Then with the help of his few friends and his beloved girlfriend, he looks to find out if his brother is the protagonist of the tale, just to discover that the price of truth is bigger than any man's life.

Genre: FICTION / Romance / Contemporary

Secondary Genre: YOUNG ADULT FICTION / Mysteries & Detective Stories

Language: English

Keywords: romance, mystery, crime, feminicide, love

Word Count: 159,983

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400 copies sold

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Sample text:


You must be capable of kill destiny in order to achieve your dreams because if you are not, it will crush your skull, reap your lover’s heart and drink the tears of your mother.

A bus went through “Farmers” avenue, slowed down progressively to stop and picked up passengers from the bus stop. From all the persons that were standing there, 2 girls that wore the same uniform boarded the bus. Navy blue skirt, sky blue wool open sweater, white blouse and a navy blue ribbon bon in the blouse neck.

Inside the bus, the girls looked for free sits. However, the ones in the front were occupied in pairs or individually and when they found a pair of free sits, the man who was sat behind stared at them from top to bottom. Savoring his lips with grotesque and dark gestures.

Nevertheless, a guy stood up in the back of the bus and offered them two sits. He wore the same school uniform and walked aside, to let them go through. But he turned his back before they thanked him. The girls passed by his side, the straight and brown hair from the first slashed his right elbow, he walked away a few steps and looked askance at them while they observed him with detail.

  -It’s him- The brunette said. Her finger pointed at him with aim and her dark eyes nailed to his face, trying to build a connection.

-You are right, scary- Answered the blonde.



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Already translated. Translated by Juliana Chiavagatti Grade
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Juliana's work is amazing, I recommend her totally, she is a professional in all the extension of the word. I look forward to working with her as I suggest you to do.
Thank you Juliana you made my book look fabulous.

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