What would you be remembered for when you are dead and gone?

The endless journey

What would you be remembered for when you are dead and gone? Or what would you like to be written on your gravestone: ""A peace maker"" or ""A troublemaker."" ""A good man"" or what? Guess what, ""Rest In Peace"" is not wished for, rather it's planned and worked for.""Rest In Peace"" is a ceremonial wishes and it does not guarantee that you must surely rest in peace when you die, but if you want to rest in peace, it's now you will begin to work for it. Even if all the bishops gather to tell you, ""Rest in peace"" at your funeral, but you did not live a good life, you will rest in pieces, and not in peace. *The Endless Journey* reminds us that we are in transit. The world is not our home. But let me ask, how old are you? How many more years do you think you still have to live? Deduct the life you have lived from the one you still have to live, then how many more years or days do you think you still have to live? It's a very simple mathematics, but this one has no answer because no one has his life in his hands as to know the number of years he has to live. After reading *The Endless Journey*, you will have a rethink, and it will help you to start amending your ways where you are not getting it right. So when do you think you will die? In case you are a designer, I'm not asking you to start designing the grave where you will be buried, but to start designing and amending your life. Where would you spend your eternity when you die?

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There is an end to everything on earth, and if indeed there is an end to all things, then how old are you? How many more years do you still have to live? Subtract it from the one you have lived, then how many remain? It’s just a simple addition and subtraction you cannot calculate. Every mathematical question may have a convincing answer, but this little calculation has no answer, it has no mathematical solution, or any scientific and pragmatic approach. Most times we live as if we own our lives, or know the number of years we still have to live.

And because there is an end to everything, that made the Psalmist to say “Teach us to number our days aright, that we may gain a heart of wisdom” (Ps. 90:12 NIV). If a man knows the number of years he would live on earth, I think he would spend his youthful age roughly, and few years or months to his death, he would begin to amend his ways, but we don’t know when, how and where we would die; whether by road or air crash, or by sickness. Where or how one dies does not really matter, what matters most is where he’s going to spend eternity when he dies.

Some died, but their corpse was not found, and had they known where they would die, when and how, they would have told their family members to wait for them there to carry their corpse. Had we known where each and every one of us would die, there would not be the story of missing corpse. Those that died in an accident would choose to die in their homes, or if by any chance, they may try their best to avert the death.

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