The Devil of Misty Lake by J.P. Barnett

A Creature Feature Horror Suspense

Swimmers beware—a mysterious creature lurks just beneath the serene waters of Misty Lake.

The devil of misty lake

Swimmers beware—a mysterious creature lurks just beneath the serene waters of Misty Lake.

WINNER: The Kindle Book Review Awards 2022 - Fiction - Horror/Suspense


“The vivid action sequences resembled a fast-paced movie, making The Devil of Misty Lake a perfect read for anyone interested in an adventurous ride.” ~ Readers’ Favorite Book Reviews, Shrabastee Chakraborty (5 STARS)

Miriam Brooks leaves Texas to hunt the legendary Devil of Misty Lake. Eager to prove herself, she packs her bags and heads to the Pacific Northwest, known for its stories of Bigfoot. This lake, however, holds something else entirely, and Miriam quickly learns that she’s not the only one after this monster.

As a ruthless hunter skirts the periphery with a far more sinister plan, Miriam must stay one step ahead of the competition. She engages in a deadly game of cat and mouse, but... something much more dangerous waits just below the surface.

EVOLVED PUBLISHING PRESENTS the fifth book in the critically-acclaimed, multiple award-winning “Lorestalker” series of horror stories featuring creatures of lore and dark imagination. [DRM-Free]

Genre: FICTION / Horror

Secondary Genre: FICTION / Fantasy / Paranormal

Language: English

Keywords: Mystery Thriller & Suspense Paranormal, Mystery Thriller & Suspense Horror, Mythology & Folk Tales Folklore, Fantasy Myths & Legends, Fantasy Dragons & Mythical Creatures, Mystery Thriller & Suspense Thrillers, Action & Adventure Mystery Thriller & Suspense

Word Count: 69702

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The entire "Lorestalker" series continues to be one of our most popular, with consistent sales and occasional major bumps. Both the author and the publisher are always active promoting this series.

Sample text:

His eyes widened, as the forest moved behind the bag, its whole darkness somehow shifting as one. His eyes tried to make sense of it, but could come up with nothing but that. A moving, shifting shadow of the forest. It grew larger, closer. Just when he thought he might be going crazy, he saw the shimmer of wet, black fur. A bear, then?

A splash from the lake drew his attention. The ripples were large, creating small wakes. Suddenly, the forest became alive with sound. Chittering to his left. Splashing in front of him. He twirled back to the shadow to find both it and the food bag gone. A frayed rope dangled from the branch above. He spun in a circle, terrified that the shadow—something that he quickly decided could not possibly be a bear—would attack him from another angle.

As he glanced towards the tent, he saw something much smaller digging at the ground. Long and lithe, perhaps furry, but he couldn’t quite tell. A smaller version of the creature in the shadows, perhaps? It nipped at the nylon walls of the shelter. Whatever this thing was, Ben had a healthy size advantage.

He stomped forward and hissed. It turned to look at him with beady black eyes, vacuous and empty, barely visible in the dim light. He made out fur, and a hulking form that he couldn’t believe. The thing twittered at him. Hardly a threatening sound, but still he felt a prickling sense of danger at the nape of his neck.

The shadow appeared again, or perhaps had been there since the beginning. It came forward, hulking over the smaller creature at the base of the tent. A second pair of eyes emerged from the darkness, this time deeper and blacker. And angrier. This thing bared sharp, yellowed teeth and exhaled fetid breath, tainted with the smell of rotting fish.

Not a bear. Bigger.

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