The Dark Web Murders by Brian O'Hare

The Dark Web Murders by Brian O’Hare tells the story of a series of gruesome and violent murders committed by a psychotic dark web blogger who enjoys murdering people.

The dark web murders

I am Nemein. I am not a murderer. I am emotionally detached from my killings. I am, therefore, an instrument of Nemesis, a punisher. 

This is a theme running through a number of blogs on the Dark Web, written by a serial killer. He is highly intelligent and employs philosophical argument to justify a series of gruesome murders.  However, he describes the killings in lurid detail, and with such gloating relish, that he utterly negates his delusion of detachment and reveals himself to be a cold-blooded, narcissistic psychopath.

Sheehan and his team rush headlong down a series of blind alleys in the pursuit of the psychopath, who continues to murder his victims with impunity. He is fiendishly clever, utterly ruthless, and tests Sheehan's famed intuition to the limit.  Indeed, Sheehan only learns the truth during a horrific climax when some members of his team experience a most harrowing ‘laceration of the soul’ that they will never be able to forget. It is unlikely that the reader will either.

'This is mystery writing of the highest quality by an author who deserves very wide recognition.'  Grady Harp, [Amazon reviewer]

 'One of the best murder mysteries I have ever read.'   HoboSez  [Amazon reviewer]

'Brian excels at exposing the dark side of human beings who lead public lives as high and mighty members of society.'  [Amazon reviewer.]

Genre: FICTION / Mystery & Detective / General

Secondary Genre: FICTION / Crime

Language: English

Keywords: suspense. serial-killer. murder. dark. nail-biting climax.

Word Count: 104,000

Sales info:

The book sells consistently on Amazon as a kindle version but I don't have any estimate of numbers.  It does have 169 highly favourable  4 and 5-star reviews on  The Amazon rankings are up and down with sales, so I cannot, therefore, give a consistent answer for this, either.


Sample text:

The visitor reached out and took his hand. “Come. We’ll get you on the bed.”

Despite his increasing wooziness, Stevens was enjoying this uninhibited directness, and lurched towards the bed, saying with a lewd leer, “You’ll get no ar-argument from me.”

Stevens fell rather than climbed onto the bed and turned to settle with his head on the pillow, smirking, but with sagging eyelids.

“No. No. Not like that. The other way. Come on.”

The visitor helped the increasingly drowsy barrister to turn so that his back was resting against the foot frame, his head lolling back, exposed. Stevens lay still, trying to regain his equilibrium as he watched the visitor search a bedroom chest of drawers. He waggled a pair of sluggish eyebrows and mumbled, “Naughty! Naughty!”

The visitor’s search reaped a pair of handcuffs covered with a kind of pink fur, and two leather thongs. “Are you going to arresht me, Officher?” Stevens slurred, with an inane cackle.

The visitor didn’t answer but quickly divested the increasingly helpless barrister of his clothes, and was able, with little difficulty, to persuade him to lie on his stomach with his back exposed, handcuffing his hands to the bottom frame, and tying his feet and knees tightly together with the leather thongs.

Stevens, still unaware that he was struggling to stay conscious but aware of his nakedness, gaped at his visitor. His words were becoming increasingly garbled, but the stupidly expectant grin was still on his face as he said, “Are you going to ... to ... play a new game?”


He tried to bring his head forward, suddenly aware that something was amiss. “No? What are you gon ... gonna ... do?”

“I’m going to kill you,” his guest said calmly   

Book translation status:

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Already translated. Translated by Matteo Serrago
Author review:
Dedicated, thorough and careful translator. Not afraid to check back with author if there are problems. Easy to work with. Excellent work.
Already translated. Translated by Leonardo Flores
Author review:
Leonardo is an indefatigable worker who takes endless pains with his translations and is not afraid to contact the author for clarification where he thinks it is necessary. This book, in particular, had a couple of complicated bits which would have been very difficult to r[trnslate into another language while still retaining important visual clues from the original. Leonardo succeeded in keeping these clues in the translated version where I was sure he couldn't. I recommend this translator very highly.
Already translated. Translated by Deivid Gonzalez
Author review:
Very enthusiastic translator. Works tirelessly and produces excellent translations well within the projected time limit. I cannot recommend him highly enough.

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