The Colours of Dreams by Josep Lopez Romero

A revealing journey to recover the will to live

A fable about the will to live

The colours of dreams

Esperanza is the owner of a large bookstore, she's married and the mother of an adorable daughter. Everything seems right in her life, until then one day she awakes with an overwhelming feeling of emptiness in her chest. She realizes something is missing in her life, but she doesn't know what. She tries to tell her husband, but he is too busy to listen. Then she tells her assistant, but the latter is so preoccupied with his job he barely thinks of anything else. The feeling of emptiness refuses to go away, and eventually Esperanza finds herself wandering aimlessly around the streets of town in the rain. 

After a time, lost and soaked to the bone, she comes upon a door with a curious sign: Lost Souls Office. Still feeling the loss of something, just what she doesn't know, she enters the office. And thus she embarks on an incredible journey back to her childhood, back to her primal desires, and to the things, now forgotten, that once gave her a lust for life. She engages in a game in search of lost hopes and dreams, which she recovers in the form of seven colours: 

- Violet: serenity, the need to get off the roller coaster that life often becomes. 

- Purple: memory, to remember who we are and what are in essence our basic, primal desires. 

- Blue: self-knowledge, knowing who we are beyond what others think of or expect from us. 

- Green: imagination, not as a means of escape from the here and now, but rather of making life more exciting and real. 

- Yellow: direction, that is, to act according to our desires, not against them. Any direction is right if determined by the heart. 

- Orange: confidence, or trust in oneself, in life and in others, to accept oneself and accept others (which does not mean resignation). And creating an affective network around oneself. 

- Red: and passion, that the beat of your heart should be the last thing you hear before you die, because all human projects should be guided by passion, which is the sister of hopes and dreams. 

Genre: BODY, MIND & SPIRIT / Inspiration & Personal Growth

Secondary Genre: BODY, MIND & SPIRIT / General

Language: English

Keywords: will, hope, dreams

Word Count: 24156

Sales info:

Published in Spain by Planeta. Translated to portuguese and chinese

Sample text:

This is a story about the dreams we need to live and to carry out any type of project. It specifically deals with healthy dreaming, which does not deny the present, but which enriches us and looks forward. The type that when it disappears, for whatever reason, robs us of our vital energy.

These types of dreams are easy to identify, because they are the type that we have all lost at some time during our lives, maybe not long ago, maybe without even noticing, in the same way that we might lose our keys.

Perhaps you are one of very few who never lose your dreams (or your keys). In that case, this book might not have anything to say to you. However, if you are one of the enormous group of human beings who have ever felt that life has no meaning, the painful lack of a life project, the uncomfortable feeling that you are in the wrong place doing the wrong thing, then welcome.

All you need to get into this story is to have an open mind, let go of your prejudices and allow the child you once were, and who still lives inside you, to emerge. Because children are the masters of play, and as one of the characters in the story said, “without play there is no excitement.”

The heroine of this book is a normal, everyday woman called Esperanza, who one day awakens with a terrible empty feeling in her chest and the nasty feeling that she is no longer in charge of her life. But it could just as easily be you, man or woman, who makes the decision to search for their lost dreams.

From the next page on I will be giving her my voice, because at the end of the day we are one and the same person. Beyond gender or condition, we are all human beings who want dreams in our lives.

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