The Carrero Heart 2 by L.T. Marshall

The Journey

Second trilogy in The Carrero series following Arrick and Sophie

The carrero heart 2

SOPHIE HUNTSBERGER has been living her own life for the past three months. She is finding her feet and her strength - determined to survive in a world without ARRICK CARRERO.

Unfortunately for Sophie, the wheel of fate throws them straight back together again. And they find their feeling for each other are like magnets, pulled by a stronger force that neither can fight.

The heart is a funny thing: it can both hate and love, hurt and heal - at the same time.

However, something given so readily once upon a time is not so willing to peek out from the safe shadows.

Sophie has to decide if she can let that one person back in that she never thought would ever betray her - Arrick.

Genre: FICTION / Romance / General

Secondary Genre: FICTION / Contemporary Women

Language: English

Keywords: romance, love, friends, angst, billionaire, heartbreak

Word Count: 160k

Sales info:

The Carrero series has a decent following and now appearing on multiple platforms

Sample text:

“Here.” I pass Jenny the sketches we have been working on across the table and the pretty brunette leans in to pour over them with interested soft brown eyes. Tall and slender and a little shy in her mannerisms, Jenny is my classmate and fast becoming one of my closest friends, next to Christian; both of whom I met on day one of orientation and something just clicked with the three of us, straight off. I have something real with these two and despite myself, they have both wormed their way under my self-defense system over the last few weeks until I simply need them around me to function.




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Already translated. Translated by Stefy Ma
Author review:
As always such a joy to work with. Her attention to detail and professionalism is amazing x
Translation in progress. Translated by J. Toni
Translation in progress. Translated by Samantha Rossiñol

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