The Canticle Prelude by Michael D. Young

Prequel to the Canticle Chronicles

The prequel to an epic fantasy trilogy about a magical music box.

The canticle prelude

Follow the magic of music in this enchanting trilogy, taking place first at the height of WWI in Germany, and then in the Canticle Kingdom within the music box of a great and evil musicanter. Heroes abound without and within the music box, but many are lost throughout this epic journey, some to dark magic. First following the brothers Jorgen and Karsten, The Canticle Prelude leads into Michael Young’s already published novel The Canticle Kingdom, weaving music into dark fantasy like never before.

Genre: FICTION / Fantasy / Epic

Language: English

Keywords: fantasy, germany, music, World War II

Word Count: 509906

Sample text:

Jorgen Müller paced the front room, his fist clenched. “There must be some mistake, Herr Doktor. I am fit and ready to fight.”

The doctor shook his head, gazing down at his clipboard. “I’m sorry, Herr Müller. Your mind and vision are sharp, but your lungs are far too weak. You would not be able to withstand the heat of battle, and that would make you a liability.”

Jorgen pounded a fist against the wall. “But, Herr Doktor—” “No, Herr Müller. The army does not pay me to recommend defective soldiers. We’re not that desperate yet. I’m sorry, but I’m sure. I can’t sign off on this enlistment.”

Jorgen’s face reddened. “Is there nothing I can do? I could be a cook or a mechanic. I don’t have to be in the trenches.”

Book translation status:

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Translation in progress. Translated by Jazmin Perez

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