The Buddha And The Minibus by APO HALMYRIS

A contemporary sapiential book. The road to enlightenment may take apparently surprising twists.

The buddha and the minibus

We may think that presently there is no single path toward experiencing the truth. This might entitle us with taking whatever seems useful, wherever we find it, and try to continue in finding a path of the present. We cannot help observing that the ten principal Buddha's disciples were masters over different abilities. But...a well prepared field is always ready to meet the offered rain.


Genre: FICTION / General

Secondary Genre: FICTION / Magical Realism

Language: English

Keywords: jhana, buddha, meditation, karma, buddhism

Word Count: 5735

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Sample text:

A glass of plain water was prepared on the desk to possibly moisten and help the winding flow of the words. The surface of the still water was sparkling through the greenish glass under the sun rays coming from the outside. It was one of those wonderful days, with a blue infinite sky reigning.

Master Lao preferred to continually move in front of the huge sliding blackboard of the amphitheater. His movements were sometimes slow, sometimes quick, with only very short sudden stops. To inertly sit on a chair was not one of his habits. Only the surface of the water in that glass was perfectly still and parallel with the ground level.

When speaking, his lecture was flowing out as it were simultaneous with his thoughts, thought-ideas which had not even passed through the field of awareness, but had been directly turned into his flow of words.


But, the divergent interpretations of the teachers, the diversity of modern practices and the changing cultural environment are rather adding to confusion and inconsistency.


We cannot help observing that the ten principal Buddha's disciples were masters over different abilities: a master of wisdom, a master of supernatural powers, a master of ascetic practice, a great teacher, a master of divine vision, a master of learning and memory, …


There are people who seem to be born with a capacity to swiftly and naturally access and enter the first jhana and the second jhana. It looks like they were favored by their karma to receive such a grace, this being another intriguing subject worth writing a book. A well prepared field is always ready to meet the offered rain.

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The ideal co-operation: accuracy, attention to details, full mastering of the language, a feeling for the deeper sense and the symbols, reliability, proven experience, true professionalism.
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Mr. Carlos Rojas has demonstrated to be an excellent translator, proving a competent care for the details, solving the differences in language structures with a reliable and mature skill.
He has very good, realistic planning qualities and his work has always been accomplished in time.
We could maintain a very direct and effective working dialog whenever we found problems needing elucidation.
The quality of the translation was definitely a constant priority for him.

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